I assume it's because of The Autism, but the day after something like a rock concert, I feel like I have a hangover. everything aches and bits of my brain keep disappearing. There were a lot of strobes last night, which really does a number on me :( Great music tho, glad I went.

At the other end of the intimidation scale is our newer fluff son, Luka.

He's not actually ours, we adopted him out, but he comes back occasionally to eat the dogs lunch and pee on our washing.

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Of all our cats, Fez is the most Serious, and slightly scary.

Off to see The HU this evening. Quite worried about covid spreaders.

struggling quite a bit today. so, so tired. people are ridiculously uncaring and stupid, and it's taking a heavy emotional toll, on top of everything else.

Was having a bit of a day, then Dexter decided to blep, and things got a tiny bit better

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Do a Google search for "cat" and look for a paw print (depending on your browser, it may be in a box on the right side of your screen). Click on the paw print, then click anywhere in the same window. Trust us.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/catscastpod/status

Just finished hiddenfolks.com/ game. Really enjoyed it, not bad for a seemingly simple indie game :) Fantastically detailed.

It's bath day! (Only one of them is actually due, but I appreciate they hang out together)

Haven't had insomnia like this for years. Yes I'm still awake. I've read two books. Brain won't turn off.

I think I might have a nice hot bath, with some kind of smelly pink bubble bath. Yeah. That'll be good.

Today it's Spend Far Too Long Trying To Get Google Spreadsheets Displaying Dates In A Non Stupid Format, Day.

-- Dude, what the fuck? You have cables everywhere! You haven't heard about wireless technologies?
-- Wow! Cool! It's so neat and clean!
-- *low battery* *low battery* *low battery* *low battery* *low battery*
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