My potato head is unsure why all the fuss about their gender.

Damnit, we had a holiday booked for next weekend.

Dexter brought in one of those little lizard things, flung it around my feet for a bit, then when I didn't pay enough attention to him, took it back outside. I think he's taking it over to the neighbour.

Just had a covid test. have a rotten coughy cold, presumably caught at AppSec last week. missed the Mars landing because it happened at the exact same time.

Accidentally used the flash when taking a photo of Dexter.

Hanging out at AppSec conference. Feel free to say hi if you are too. Or even if you're not, although that's harder.

Just read "Our House Is On Fire". By, and about, Greta Thunberg and family. Feeling a little bit devastated, but hopeful. Autism and climate.

Quite upset about the "tie" dialog. half the country thinks it's fine to force people to do something that makes them very uncomfortable for no reason other than "it doesn't bother me". I really struggle with feeling like I belong among humans some days.

Trying to convince the cats to NOT taste the freshly painted walls.

Preordered the new Epica CD. Wow international shipping got expensive :(

aircon installed in the bedrooms! it feels so ... calm... in there now. Hoping to catch up on a few weeks of rubbish sleep :)

So tired I feel a bit sick. Last night was too hot to sleep plus sinus allergy pain. going a little bit wacky.

aww, my doctor is retiring this week. Took me ages to find one who vaguely understood me.

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