Day five of sinus headaches. Slightly better today, at least. Wish I could figure out the cause :(

Had to bail on guitar lesson tonight, feeling quite unwell. Feeling a bit stink about it.

The tinyamp I recently bought is great for portability, but today I got a "proper" one. Sounds amazing :-)

Rangitoto is still lovely. Have a couple of days off work so I went outside!

Guitar lessons going well. turns out "Sweep Picking" isn't a casting call for The Sooty Show.

Music CDs and T-shirt I ordered from overseas ages ago just arrived! (Ignea - Ukrainian metal, I really like them)

Really enjoying guitar lessons. So glad I finally got the courage to sign up :)

Never look at kubernetes DNS traffic on the wire. Just don't. Cannot unsee.

Waiting for a courier, so gate open, door unlocked, window open, no music, running shoes on.

arguing with kubernetes about DNS. it's not going well for either of us.

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