My chair just collapsed and threw me to the ground pretty hard. onto carpet, but it really hurt quite a lot, getting old :(

We formally handed over Fez to neighbour today. He's effectively moved in with them and looks so happy and relaxed there. I'm sure he'll still come over and wee on our stuff

Bit quiet at the moment. Finding lockdown hard because so many people not doing the right thing and ruining it for everyone else. Absolutely nothing I can do about that, but makes it hard to even function.

I was technically an illegal immigrant for a long long time. (I didn't know, my parents didn't do the paperwork right).

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Had a go at the vaccine cert thingy. I don't have and can't get the documentation required. Beginning to get an inkling of just how hard this is going to be for them.

Sadie trying to decide if the first episode of String Game is worth watching

I'd prefer to have a week of *not* being aware of mental health issues, thanks.

Second jab done! Process was very smooth and easy.

First takeaways after lockdown level change? Some books from Timeout!

okay okay, I bought the new Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Three hours playing on the guitar, then a 90 minute fast walk around the neighbourhood. Quite a lot of me now hurts, hopefully it'll help me sleep.

I think this weekend I'll be spending some time with my Spectrum Next. RIP Sir Clive.

I guess "LSI-11 connector" is a bit too obscure a name for the new health dept vehicles. (it's a vax bus)

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