last day of my week off work today. Not sure where it all went, but at least I had plenty of naps and guitar :)

Making "art" involves a lot more cabling than I'd expected!

Time to return to Auckland, was just a one nighter in Wellington. Lessons include that Wellington doesn't seem to take covid or public transport seriously.

PC was dead, so that gave me the push to finally get a new laptop :) Shiny blue Asus Zenbook. Seems nice so far, and I can cloudisland with an actual keyboard again!

I have a supposedly good MacBook but it's never worked and it's been repaired several times but never actually solved the problem. Now it's past warranty and I just can't face trying again.

Also, "does Linux work on this" forums full of "just buy a huge ugly Lenovo that isn't remotely the same for twice the price"

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Looking at PC laptops and slowly losing the will to live.

for a true vision for NZ we don't need red/green. we need vertical polarised and horizontal polarised. that way lies more colourful stereo.

deep in a twisty nest of Factories and Handlers and Inheritance in a Python app trying to figure out where log entries are _supposed_ to go. and wondering if Rust has a better story.

At least the builder has moved on to the putting-the-house-back-together stage of things.

Maybe I need to find some good metal songs with lyrics like "Just leave it by the door"

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I want to listen to loud music but I'm waiting for a courier delivery.

Been a bit quiet recently because I had to move my PC for builder related reasons and I hate using tinyphone for typing. Still here :)

rotten sinus headache from having the house opened up for the builder yesterday. looking forward to lots of hammering and sawing next to me all day.

watching a builder tear bits off the outside of our house to discover rotten bits in the walls. This is going to be ... spendy

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