As all those in let me know this morning, "What a glorious morning?"- what's not to love?

"Mt Kaukau radio/tv transmitter peaking through the clouds"


Here in most are buffered from the travails of life raging outside our borders, if we can do anything it's give hope by living the best lives we can.

Nice work Michelle and Teacher Jacqui Hooper.

Just do it parents, you never know one day your kids might point back to these very holidays and say, "That's why I'm a scientist!"

Wow, Sally Phillips is quite amazing with her Moments ... that last one was actually genius.

The Snapper card was also gonna replace all 'loose change purchases' letting you do so much more than just buy a bus ticket:

"WCC will also be Snapper-enabled and spokesperson Trina Saffioti says the payment system will be available at council-owned recreation centres and pools.

[..] a high level of interest from the retail sector, especially from video stores, dry cleaners and shoe shops;"

"Video stores", how the world has changed in a mere 10 years. What's gonna be smiled at in 2030?

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Ancient Bus Ticket

It was the end of 2009 when the paper '10 trip bus ticket' disappeared and the fancy Snapper card replaced them.

Does it seem 10 years to you?

We Really Were There

Nice edited photo of Dan Khan, Raj Khushal, and myself at the 2017 Wellington launch of TechWeekNZ.

No, really, we were actually there

Official Gladys Update

"We are in an Orange Alert situation. I'm watching Captain Marvel with Mike and I'm worried he's gonna realise Goose and I are related."

There I was in 2017 standing at the checkout paying for my apples and I look up to see, plastered on the far wall, the smiling face of Marianne.

Made me smile then and it does now.

Oh noes, just learnt that Tinker Tailor (Plimmerton) is no more.

Raising a final glass of their , thanks for making awesome tasting .

I'm in the mood for an expansive , doesn't have to have an amazing plot (but that would help), just big and spectacular.

Any ?

Cooking Up A Cloud

The Genghis Khan restaurant on Majoribanks Street (Mt Vic) has been in my Wellington life from the mid-1990. A number of life changing events have occurred inside and I shall always think of it fondly.

The fantastic InternetNZ annual conference is going on-line (but of course it is). They're currently looking for speakers / facilitators.

If you're wanting to attend keep an eye on the website for tickets when they come open up.

I have a pot of old oil post something being deep fried a while ago.

How do I get rid of it?

Follow The Light?

Or is it stay away from the light, I can never remember.

Also, is it "Great minds think alike", or "Fools seldom part"?

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