National Library Mural

Details from the @NLNZ mural, "Te wehenga o Rangi rāua ko Papa", by Te Whānau-ā-Apanui artist Cliff Whiting.

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What Is Happening With Molly Malone's?

As James Shaw asked recently, "What is happening with Molly Malone's?", will we ever get to dance to the tune of Guinness again?

The BEST event schwag is 'everyday useful' and this wicked Catalyst USB multi-charger is exactly that - thanks team

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The great battle had gone the way all the known seers had prophesied. It was swift, everywhere, and all encompassing.

The following day was quiet, many would sleep long with the sun cradling the aftermaths of revelries.

The enemy had slunk back into the shadows, planning their return, and planning their revenge.

All seemed calm across the land.

Victorian Precinct in Oamaru is quite something to behold, especially if you're into

Who knows, the latest official 'plan' is from December 2016 and no local councillors are willing to talk about it.

However, there is a fantastic 'national park' design from the Motukairangi Design Group that many support. I do.

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There's endless talk about Shelley Bay but very little about the vast amounts of land above it and around the northern tip of Miramar Peninsula.

It's up here, where the movies are made, the gun emplacements are coloured in, and the prisoners once roamed that the real views are to be found.

What will happen to this land?

Strathmore Obelisk

Come one, come all to gaze upon the Strathmore Obelisk. Behold it's obelisk-ness, wonder at its planes, be enchanted by how it tells you where you are.

Ladies and gentlepersons I give you, the Strathmore Obelisk (just over the road from the dairy and up from the cafe).

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