After much thought, Icarus is my role model
Crafty boi with a wings fetish who falls prey to hurbis and is now the icon of burn out.

Flat mate is playing DA Inquisition, Im jelly enough to stop playing AOE2 and start playing DA origins.

I am part of the organisation team for ConZealand.

I have a very specific skill set.
I will listen to what you say, paraphase it back to you and write it down. It's really been appreciated.

I should make this my job.

Today I did a knowledge share at work on why Im not fixing all the things in a single merge request.

The TLDR, your brain will implode trying to review it and you will say no its too scary to approve.

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@marian_clements my plan to draw in all the good ones is working!

I lost a lot of weight this year. Im really proud. I don't feel comfortable posting on facebook. That is all.

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