@fluttergirly I did appreciate that you could do other emotes while sitting without it making you stand back up

@daedalus it’s such a shame, Apple suck on so so many other fronts, but every time I consider android I end up back on this

And battery life, Apple are so much better at getting good battery life.

how come you drink a drink but you don't food a food

I accidentally planted flowers on the wrong tomb. That's a pretty grave mistake

a man goes to his proctologist. says the world seems hard and cold, says he no longer feels happy. the proctologist says i have just the solution, the great clown pagliacci is in town, go see him he'll cheer you right up. the man says "butt doctor,

There's something reassuring about the fact that even @darius - who read RFCs and researched the decentralised web at Mozilla's expense for a whole year - also found the ActivityPub specs utterly baffling.

I'd appreciate a little more warning to get my life in order, Apple.

re: big tech co 

@liamvhogan M1 Pro Max Extreme Mini v3 final MkII complete FINAL_FINAL2 (1).docx

The only thing I like about the new #duttonPark school’s name is that its IT department will most likely be called “BSSSCIT”.

#2530 Clinical Trials 

We don't need to do a clinical trial of this change because the standard of care is to adopt new ideas without doing clinical trials.

Not sure what this pom-pom eucalyptus is actually called but it makes a stunning street tree #PlantOfTheDay #florespondence

the prompt for this micro game sounds like an atari porn game title

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