On my way to do some government-permitted exercise, and once again feeling cute 🥰

Guess this is just my life now as a trans person huh? 🙃

@leigh seeing such a beautiful piece of history coupled up to carriages in modern livery is such a fascinating contrast

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Just two ordinary V/Line trains nothing interesting to see here

lockdown humour 

A little bit of lockdown in my life
A little bit of homeschool by my side
A little bit of bog roll’s all I need
A little bit of empty shelf’s what I see
A little bit of cloth masks in the sun
A little bit of exercise, two hours long
A little bit of partner bubble, here I am
A little bit of you makes me your man

Sometimes I'll get a song stuck in my head but only be able to remember like one or two lines, so it's just that one bit looping over and over. This happens to me a bunch, but this time? This time I think my brain is just fucking with me.

me: hey something made me laugh at the exact moment I took this photo, maybe it's a good photo of me?
google: no, no it is not

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