Tonight is TRAM-EM 2022, the 10th European Tramdriver Championships and the first in which Melbourne has been invited to compete! Youtube livestream link and schedule in Melbourne time:

totally just went into a work safety shop and went “yep this is the aesthetic I’m going for”

me: oh yay the tram I’ve been waiting for has arrived
the thing I saw in my peripheral vision:

birdsite, transphobia 

Me, upon opening the bird site and seeing "TERFs: trending in Australia" in the sidebar

Huawei have just announced a phone with a folding display that wraps around the outside such that it's exposed front and back when the device is folded shut, thus opening up new, exciting, hitherto-unexplored ways of breaking one's phone screen.

auspol, birdsite 

Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus

death, war crimes, Russian invasion of Ukraine (pic is text from a news site, no gore) 

I cannot believe that I was reading an article about Russian atrocities in Ukraine and my brain still understood "cellar door" as "place where you taste and buy wine" rather than a literal door of a literal cellar where people were being imprisoned

you can take the girl out of the Barossa etc etc

YARRA TRAMS backwards is SMART ARRAY and I have no idea what to do with this information

Train station seedlings starting to sprout at Anzac Station. Nature is beautiful 💚

Daisies in, like, cracks in poorly-maintained footpaths or wherever: [growing and flowering beautifully]
Daisies when you give them a lovely pot full of fertiliser and plenty of water and literally name yourself after them:

what I was promised: four easily separable spheres of ice
what I got: an icy buttplug‽

Melbourne’s friend shaped buses look EVEN MORE LIKE A FRIEND WITH THEIR LIGHTS ON OMG

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