I'm still active on Twitter bc network effects, but the only social network I have on my phone is now cloudisland.nz/@leigh, and my Twitter is now cross-posted there (but not vice-versa). If you're in AU/NZ/Pacific and have 8USD/mo spare, join me there: patreon.com/cloudisland

You can follow me and a growing number of other folks from any Mastodon instance (see joinmastodon.org/); some are free, some are paid, and they all network with each other, unlike centralised American data-hoovering networks like Twitter.

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I'm plugging Cloud Island because I love the idea of a federation of systems each sustainably funded and run locally by trusted and competent admins; Cloud Island is run by @aurynn, whom I know and trust, and is hosted entirely in NZ a few dozen fibre-milliseconds from me.

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Cloud Island

A paid, early access, strongly moderated Mastodon instance hosted entirely in New Zealand.