Happy Bi+ Visibility Day, everyone! I see all you bi/pan/poly/omni-sexual and multi-gender-attracted folks! 💙 💜 ❤️

Adding to my excellent run of luck today, exactly 15 seconds after I finished hanging out the washing, the sunny sky began firing hailstones into our yard.

Truly, a great day to have not gotten out of bed.

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A message to anyone crazy enough to remove the microcontroller from this pcb

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If you're still using Travis CI, maybe stop. They got bought by a vulture PE firm a couple years ago, and laid off anyone who knows what they're doing. This kind of security issue was inevitable. twitter.com/peter_szilagyi/sta

@leigh youtu.be/Nu-qbqWE08o my first, I mean the clock’s first, PyCon AU YouTube appearance!

(Ok Libby is absolutely the genius and the clock was just kind of amazed to be a part of it)

Because I so dearly love it when humans play along when computers ask for silly things, I have generated drawing prompts for #botober2021!

I've managed to get GPT-3 to follow themes. Here's "animals". The rest are at this link:

The French: repurpose crowd barricades to use as barricades against cops

The Germans: use crowd barricades as battering rams

The US: Use crowd barricades as ladders

This Catalan guy:


the world is perfectly designed to make us all fucking tired all the time and the older i get the more acutely aware i become of how much this is how i'm probably going to spend/waste the rest of my goddamn life. and our lives are SO short. just tragically short.

does anyone know how much the pricing is like on AWS Beer? don't want to get bill shock

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I wish the left had any organizing systems that were as effective and consistent as fundamentalist churches, but somehow “work very hard, make the world slightly better” is not as appealing as “avoid hellfire, obtain paradise”

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Yes, you can have node_modules-style in-project virtualenvs without changing workflows on UNIX-like OSs (including WSL): hynek.me/til/python-project-lo #Python

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Has anything fucked up the web user experience in the last 20 years more than "Accept Cookies"? Will we ever be free of this mess? Why don't browser makers build in some standard way to be able to globally say "yes I accept cookies for any site"?

Uncomfortable fact: people don't give a shit about software freedoms when you make it really hard to actually use them.

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