Hey folks, @aurynn and I are running the #DevOops track for PyConAU online this year. We'd love to hear talks about failure and recovery. CFP is here: 2020.pycon.org.au/speak/
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Yo if you’re cis, IMO you should consider changing your name. Not like “it’s a thing you need to do” but have you ever considered ur name? How do you feel about it? Want a new one?

everyone deserves the chance to pick their own name you should try it at least once and see if you like it

Just scrolled past an article about turning vacant malls into housing and, well, the top floor of the Myer Centre Adelaide has been vacant for a decade.

If you were to put the indoor rollercoaster back in, you could name your price, I'd be in. Just sayin'.

For a country that has such strict gun laws that it is so proud of, Australia sure as hell does love to try solving every problem by adding more dickheads with guns.

Hey @CityofAdelaide: sometimes people get constipated. Sometimes (always), those people like to be able to use the toilet without the door automatically opening half way through because they're taking too long. Can you please, PLEASE just. not.

Happily, there are in fact none here today. It seems likely there will be at the protest though.

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Please do not ever use a person's autism to make decisions for them

honestly "dipshit"/"shithead" is my favorite replacement for ableist slurs because it has the same amount of venom and vulgarity but none of the, you know, bigotry

I'm stuck in the Coles in Rundle Place, hyperventilating and afraid to leave the store because I just remembered there could be cops with assault rifles on Rundle Mall outside, in case you were wondering how safe SAPOL's recent announcement has made me feel.

nonbinary identities in French? please boost 

How do you and your Francophone loved ones manage grammatical gender in French? I have a nonbinary friend who's a native English speaker and is learning French. They're trying to figure it out for themself. They're aware of «iel», and I'm planning to tell them about e.g. «amusant·e·s».

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I'm much more interested in direct experiences from nonbinary Francophones and their loved ones than theory. Thank you <3

A story in two parts:

git commit -m "YOLO SHIP TO PROD"

git commit -a --amend --no-edit

I have been Reminded that I need to use my calendar for appointments.

I should know this.

I forgot.

hashtag adhd lyfe

Gender transition update: first time getting food crumbs stuck in bra

"softwareentwicklerin"/"softwareentwickler" (f/m respectively) is German for "software developer", but my monolingual English-speaker brain just sees "software tickler".

Chromecast has been the most unreliable, temperamental POS for me forever, to the point that I went out and bought a new dongle only to find the same problems.

I just replaced my aging WiFi AP with a new Ubiquiti AP-AC-Lite and my Chromecast is now instantly perfect.

.@developerjack: And remember, we do this every Wednesday at 7:30pm Adelaide time.
Me, on my couch in Adelaide: [ evil laugh ]

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