javascript ui libraries will be like "just run npx whatever our library is and you're ready to go.......what are all these dependencies and opinions on how your app is served? don't worry about that" and i'm like,,,,,,,sir

i may be 140 years old and not trust anyone, but abstracting everything into dependencies does not absolve you of writing documentation YOUNG MEN

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you can’t blame me! they put their hands up all the cows holes and then expect respect in the form of trying to require oat/nut milks be called oat/nut ~~*beverages*~

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cops + cycling in germany 

cops in germany sometimes try to fine cyclists for using dashcams/gopro's for documenting situations where they get attacked by drivers.

they say the cyclists violate GDPR law by permanently recording traffic.
cyclists mostly don't permanently record traffic, and the GDPR targets institutions and businesses, not people, so it's just unjustified police harrassment.

and if you don't record what happens, cops won't believe you anyway.

Survived another Question Time. Deputy Chief Minister referred to me as “a roller derby-er” when she was answering a question today. So that’s now in Hansard.

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Yikes, someone found a buffer overflow in GNU screen that's reachable via irssi... it's almost like the old days. The reporter says it was found in the wild, apparently used to DoS a minecraft server. 🤷‍♂️

Can't wait for the new golden age of prosperity that is coming for us all once these billions of dollars are finally relocated from a bunch of shitty Wall St dudes to a bunch of shitty Reddit dudes.

when the bidens get a cat we absolutely can NOT call it "COTUS" because that's too close to "coitus", send toot

John Rawls' "Veil of Ignorance" is still one of the most intriguing though experiments to me:

"Suppose that you and a group of people had to decide on the principles that would establish a new society.

However, none of you know anything about who you will be in that society. Elements such as your race, income level, sex, gender, religion, and personal preferences are all unknown to you.

After you decide on those principles, you will then be turned out into the society you established."

What's the most unpleasant surprise you've encountered in a library or API (any kind)? Did it feel like an accidental oversight, or like a deliberate dark pattern (like the API equivalent of pre-ticked spam checkboxes or cookie banners that trick you into clicking "accept all"?)


Middle child made a train. I like trains.

Remember, it's okay to turn off the news for a bit.

orange website, uspol 

Amongst the links posted to the Orange Website in the last three hours are a Fox News article and "Gun: the P2P database for freedom fighters" (which is not new, but the name and the timing = *yikes*). So yeah.

Switched from Mast to Toot based on @aurynn’s... recommendation, kinda... and she wasn’t wrong, there are some interesting UI decisions here

#2408 Egg Strategies 

Neutral Evil is for people who like keeping the weight nicely centered in the carton, but also hate everyone else who wants that.

deleting the dsiware games off of the 3DS eshop (and leaving everything else there) makes even less sense to me than shutting down the wii and dsi shops did,

like... nintendo is just being directly antagonistic to us at this point theres no two ways about it,

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