sexism in tech, bit of a rant 

The problem is not just confidence to do that.
The problem is, tech world *keeps* continuously pushing us all out, all the time.

Its not just "you women just don't want to come", its tech guys that continuously make sexist humour because "its just jokes stop pushing your political agenda". Its never "just" jokes.

And this is true for basically any area where knowledge and thinking is required.
Its not just "you women are taught you were dumb", its also and especially men continuously pushing others out with violence and oppressive mechanisms and don't want to question themselves because "it doesn't hurt me so it shouldn't hurt you so you're the problem not my funny joke".

If erasing oppression was as simple as just "learn to google" you wouldn't be there being condescendant about how getting equality is simple as lemme google that for you.

Yes we all are told lies.
But the problem don't just stop there.
Its the perpetual "bro" spirit where one of you does something toxic and the others have his back and approve that's one of the most important things here.

Inspector Gadgets niece Penny and her hacking device disguised as a book was a part of my inspiration to get into computing in the 80s. If you want more girls in STEM write awesome characters in kids TV like Penny. Encourage girls earlier. #WomenInSTEM

There is a new replacement for the JavaScript Date API being proposed. Thank goodness.

(nb: I haven't actually read up on the new thing yet; I probably will later today. But it can't be much worse than Date.)

git config --global alias.yeet '!git commit "$@" && git push #'

you're welcome

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is having 'Transgender' as an option on the queston 'What is your gender identity' like having the option 'Bus' as an option on the question 'Where are you going today?'

I fucking hate the thing about youtube demonetising videos based on keywords in the subtitles. I have no idea if it's true because everything about youtube's workings travels only through rumor, but I hate that creators who talk about important shit like transphobia and racism and whatnot feel the need to delete subtitles on parts of their video

The amount of systems that optimise for IPv4-only networks by not sending AAAA queries, but don't drop out of that optimisation when they have no IPv6 Internet connectivity but do have an IPv6 LAN or VPN, is surprisingly and annoyingly large.

Can't wait until IPv4 is dead.

One of the frustrating things about being a non-binary (approximately-)woman is trying to communicate my own experience of gender without giving implicit endorsement to the idea that *all* non-binary identities can be distilled down to "the gender binary but different".

also the knowledge that she-ra was made by a lesbian in an adorable marriage, and that they took pics with swords in their wedding dresses, has helped my skin stay clear

Hey folks, @aurynn and I are running the #DevOops track for PyConAU online this year. We'd love to hear talks about failure and recovery. CFP is here:
Pls boost!

Yo if you’re cis, IMO you should consider changing your name. Not like “it’s a thing you need to do” but have you ever considered ur name? How do you feel about it? Want a new one?

everyone deserves the chance to pick their own name you should try it at least once and see if you like it

Just scrolled past an article about turning vacant malls into housing and, well, the top floor of the Myer Centre Adelaide has been vacant for a decade.

If you were to put the indoor rollercoaster back in, you could name your price, I'd be in. Just sayin'.

For a country that has such strict gun laws that it is so proud of, Australia sure as hell does love to try solving every problem by adding more dickheads with guns.

Hey @CityofAdelaide: sometimes people get constipated. Sometimes (always), those people like to be able to use the toilet without the door automatically opening half way through because they're taking too long. Can you please, PLEASE just. not.

Happily, there are in fact none here today. It seems likely there will be at the protest though.

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