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Anybody has recommendations of websites to create events that could be used instead of Facebook?
The events are activist types, so marches, workshops, etc.

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auspol, election (+) 

So, we have:
• the Coalition booted out of govt
• Frydenberg, Wilson, Sharma booted from their seats
• Three, maybe four, Greens in the House (all in the Brisbane metro area: Griffith, Ryan, maybe Brisbane)
• A decisive swing against the transphobe candidate
• A decisive swing towards candidates that are serious about climate change, across the board
• Finally free of Craig Kelly text messages and the "hole in your budget" TikTok jingle
So, all in all, that went pretty well.

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For the past few weeks I've been cross posting across both Twitter and Mastodon as an experiment and at this point I'm getting consistently more engagement on Mastodon with 360 followers than on Twitter with 12,500 followers. Yo twitt something be up with ur algorithm mate 🤷

Three more competitors to go, and if can stay in the top 10 I'll go to sleep tonight a happy gal.

No clue what our final score is, just that we didn't make the podium, but I feel like we did pretty well.

Holy shit, team smashed straight through the bowling pins so hard they broke one

I hope someone knocks out of the top spot, absolutely disgusting sportsmanship deliberately throwing the dummy positioning round

are 9th on the ladder at the end of round 1 with 1160 points, fingers crossed for the second round 🤞🏻

We need 1990 points in round 2 to knock Stockholm out of the top spot, but considering 2150 of their total 3150 points were from round 2, it could happen!

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The Tram Driver Championships have restarted.

So disappointed we messed up a few of the bits in the middle, but we smashed it with the stop alignment at the start and the tram bowling at the end

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auspol "illegal boats" birdsite link 

I'm gonna play Kirby and the Forgotten Land on twitch.tv/excitedleigh at 2:30pm Melbourne (40min or so from now)! Come hang out with me!

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