Starcraft Install then - Less than a standard 650mb CDROM with a bunch of additional extras. Now Bigger than a Dual Layer DVD... for the 'non-remastered' version... Da fuq?

Got a tree from my old University for free in the morning. Hung out and did Uncle stuff with toddler in afternoon. Said toddler is in the 'No' phase since last I saw him pre-covid. Much sorrow for his parents. This is about as good a day as I can hope for right now

Exciting ; first 'inendo-laced clickbait' follower bot account on Mastodon this morning. A milestone

@Venn They are basically the activeX of container runtimes and images

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@Venn ; snaps are ubutuism's which make no sense when considered in the larger container ecosystem.

Question: Is there a service that will scan your existing twitter lists/follows etc and attempt to match them to fediverse?

Can someone explain to me how and from whence the federated timeline works please.

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