Primo animation and stories told at The Embassy in Pōneke. Highly recommend :)

Saw 'Wolfwalkers' today. So Beautiful and reminded that animation can be thought provoking and inspiring.

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Hey so 3d printer people, what would you recommend for first 3d prints, to figure out workflow and stuff? Someone recommended a 3d kitty but I forget who...

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Hope you're all well there folks. That was quite a shake. Pō marie.

What is the role of Pākehā in supporting te reo Māori?


A really interesting article to me. A lot of good points, and not a little wisdom.

He kēmu hou mō ngā wheako me ngā aurongo. New game of Tākaro about feelings and emotions from Game Kings. Available pretty much everywhere.

Mōrena e te whānau, he kīwaha hou ki ahau.

Mā te aha i te ngana


Good morning, a new kīwaha to me.

What's the harm in trying?

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RT @realrogerboyce
@DaveGuinnett @jafalfc12 Thanks for the chance to remind folks what a NAT/ACT government would look like. Will also raise the age for superannuation.

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Metadata on the word doc of an antisemitic article sent to Action Zealandia members listed a person who bears the name of an Upper Hutt City Council candidate as its author.

Ngā mihi ki and for your help.


Some of Stories of Te Reo Māori on the site are really personal and hard to read. I've been thinking about this one since I read it a week ago. Arohanui ki a koutou.

Mā te aha i te ngana

At least you tried!

Seems like a variant of

'Mā te aha i tēnā!' - better than nothing!

Kia ora e te whānau

I'm still looking through the site. Some are also articles from popular New Zealand magazines. I recommend checking the site out yourself and adding your own stories too no matter how big or small. The following story is different again as it comes from our national broadcaster RNZ.

Rob Ruha: lifting the Māori language to lofty heights

Kia ora koutou,

I've been starting to look through this new service for collecting stories about the massive community effort to restore te reo Maori. I'd like to post links to a few here, but I recommend checking the site out yourself and adding your own stories too no matter how big or small:

The following one is about the setting up of a kōhanga reo at Waiwhetū Marae.

Anei, he pae tukutuku ō tātou paki mō te reo Māori.


Here's a website for our stories about te reo Māori.

Ko toru tekau mā tahi o Ākuhata, 2022

I tērā wiki he waiata hou ētahi nā Te Rōpū Ruritai o Pōneke! Hei koanga ngākau rā tēnei rongo ki ahau. E rata ana ahau i te rerenga hou o te waiata 'Whaling'. Tino Rawe!


Te Rōpū Ruritai o Pōneke - my own translation of The Wellington Sea Shanty Society

Ko rua tekau mā rima o Ākuhata, 2022

He kupu o te wiki

tuanui angahaorawa = fascism

tuanui = overbearing, dictatorship
angahaorawa = capitalism

Anei tāku whakamāori o te waehanga o te kupu 'angahaorawa'

anga = framework
hao = acquisitive / greedy
rawa = especially

Anei te hononga:

E hia ngā āhuatanga o tuanui angahaorawa o te pāti hou o Brian?

Ko rua tekau mā waru o Ākuhata, 2022

He kupu o te rā ki ahau

angapori = socialism
angatōpū = communism

Anei tāku whakamāori o te waehanga o ēnei kupu.

anga = framework
pori = people / group
tōpū = assembly / united

Ko te hononga o ēnei kupu:

He whakarere māika

E maha ngā paki whakapōhēhē o ngā pakihi. Heoi anō, e rangirua ana ahau mō tēnei paki, te ahua nei, ka wareware rātou i te take o mahi me te kirimana.


whakapōhēhē - misleading
pakihi - business
rangirua - confused
te ahua nei - it looks to be
kirimana - contract

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