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I should say hi to - my handle on the birdsite is nonwrestler. I'm happy to have joined this nice NZ instance. Check out that fulsome, clear, sensible About page. 💕

I'm most interested in chat about / and I guess that will get tagged or

At the intersection of the above topics, I run a directory of New Zealand ambient music.

I've released music under the name Jet Jaguar since 1996.

New Zealand has just agreed to extend its copyright terms by about 40% for no good reason. This submission from a librarian on the impacts seems pretty well-reasoned.

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Trying to sort out the difference between the second and third options in this iOS Gmail pop-up alert. (I removed the email address from the screenshot.)

@jet One detail that was interesting to me was that engineer Gary Langan counted in all the delay times. For non music making nerds, nowadays echoes are synced to the beat of a song so if you clap and it echoes it is all in time. For AoN recordings Langan sat there with a stopwatch in the studio calculating the timings. It means nothing would be quite as in sync, in a good way.

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I really enjoyed this interview with JJ Jeczalik of Art of Noise and all those Trevor Horn productions etc. - it reasonably focuses entirely on the start of the 80s. A really interesting reminder of the extent to which they were a studio band as in big, fancy recording studios, not the later stereotype of bedroom producers.


Today's decision turfs charities that claim their purpose is "educational", if what they do is more advocacy and is too one sided. I reckon heaps of charities should get the boot on that ground. I thought Greenpeace was out, but they are registered. I think they should go, to be consistent.

Mind you, what I really think is that charities law should be changed. So many Destiny churches registered, for example, and it's 100% legit based on the current law.

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Supreme Court has said Family First can't be a registered charity (main material impact being not paying income tax). I'm happy with the result because they can go fuck themselves, but it does remind me how weird charities law is.

There's about 1 registered charity for every 180 NZers and you won't have heard of most of them. To be a charity, you need a charitable purpose, one of which is just "religious activities", and you need to demonstrate that you can't personally profit.

Binged Severance while COVIDly and it was some great viewing. Pleasantly surprised to have Turturro and Walken both show up!

Might see about Ted Lasso before the ol' free trial is up...

I love it when people try to mess with the apparent divide between electronic and acoustic

This is a snippet from Swiss musician Julian Sartorius's 'Mux'. The idea the guy patiently recorded all these layers of acoustic percussion is ... fun? to me.

My 9th solo album as Jet Jaguar is up for pre-order, thanks to Dutch label Shimmering Moods. The label boss puts CDs (yes, CDs) together by hand, and I reckon they're looking really flash.

Music makers if you want to talk I'm very happy to answer any questions. Only two preview tracks to listen to so far. This is my first album working in (although I have been using Bitwig for maybe 2 1/2 years).


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I really like these , The Murderbot Diaries, but will admit I didn’t stop to think how strongly their underlying themes re personhood might resonate with autistic folks.

I loved working for her an ex-editor, who would shred my writing. I had her up about putting "I don't understand this." because I thought it was unconstructive, and she said in as gentle a way as possible "I only write that when it's true. If I don't know what you're trying to say, I can't be more constructive about how to say it."

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one bit of work advice I've always appreciated, re: writing, is "would you feel like a dick if you said this out loud to someone?"

IME it's a great ... heuristic? (do I say that in person?) ... for checking if you're saying things plainly and clearly.

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Saw some Cloudflare discussion yesterday. Reminder they front for some truly terrible people and are unrepentant about it due to the usual tech-bro 'freeze-peach' hand-waving. If you need a CDN try someone that isn't CF and isn't awful.

This is pretty amazing imo - basically renegotiating an existing, binding contract just by arguing the world has changed so much. But it's cool! Nice one Four Tet.

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hell yes

thank you Stranger Things fans for paying for our groceries

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This sound designer is making 100% tracks and the first one is nice!

Emptyvessel has made a bunch of sample packs for TAL and presets for Unfiltered Audio.

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Tech Tip: When you're scolding Markdown for formatting your text incorrectly, call it by its full name, Marcus Jason Downward, so it knows it's in real trouble this time.

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