I mean, I think that reaction meant they were impressed.

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Everyone at work is very impressed that I still have a sweatshirt I bought in 1986.

I just rubber-ducked so hard that the developer I was actively listening to diagnosed their way right out of their own code and discovered their problem was actually a bug in Chrome.

My skills at open-ended questioning and standing beside you while you talk it out are so powerful that your problem will become Google’s problem.

I make the unit tests go fast.

Spec takes 26 seconds? Now it is 5.4.
Spec takes 6 seconds? Now it is 2.75.

You want to persist an object in my spec? Better be using it in a test, or it’s gone.

Got a lifecycle callback you think is neat? Know that I will mock that callback into nothing at all.

Or stub it, I can never remember the difference. But either way, it ain’t gonna execute in my spec if the spec ain’t using it.

Maybe ‘buoy’ is another example of an extra syllable in American English, but that seems different because it’s written with two vowels, which has never been the case for ‘erudite’.

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How come Americans pronounce the word ‘erudite’ with an extra syllable, like ‘erryoodite’?

I mean, no judgement: we all have weird accent things. But as far as I know they don’t do anything similar with any other word, so how did it happen?

Anyone have any good recommendations on a lap/bed desk for using a laptop in bed?

Ask HN: Is there a TV on the market without “Smart TV” features?

Discussion: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

Similar in principle for Federated, but the proportion of duplicates from Local and Home is so low there as to not matter in practice.

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A feature I would like in a Mastodon app is a timeline that shows all the toots on my local server, _except_ the ones I’ve already read in my home timeline.

I reckon I’m not the only person who finishes the home timeline first, then goes to Local to see what else is happening. On a small server you may already be following a high proportion of the people in Local, so you see a lot of duplicates.

I have learned a thing.

If you get an automatic upgrade to your Mastodon app and the timelines all go weird, it might not be a major bug that you have to patiently wait to be fixed. It could be that you forgot you had multiple accounts, and it’s defaulted to the first one on its list instead of the one you actually use.

I mean, it should remember which account to show, but it’s easy to fix.

Controvery, as the other team has adopted the blatantly unfair tactic of keeping one of their players permanently posted at the goal mouth to stop the Quack Quack Chickens from kicking the ball into it.

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It is Saturday morning, so I am on the sidelines supporting my team, the Quack Quack Chickens. I understand there is a team song, but the players won’t teach it to me.

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@byroncclark@twitter.com It would be great for anyone who feels like it to go and thank first church who canceled the booking. Counterspin are asking people to complain to the church so I say give first church and rev Ed masters big ups for doing the right thing.


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Sponsoring me on Patreon allows me to continue making videos, provides a budget to commission work from other creatives, and do some charity fundraisers. As an added bonus, it makes this one racist in particular really upset

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Clark makes several thousand dollars a year through his patreon account. He solicits donations by playing the victim when people get upset at him for trying to ruin their lives. patreon.com/byroncclark

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I had a bad dream. 

A bunch of crypto bros had made a crappy knock-off of Second Life and I tried to give it a fair go but it was just endless suburban houses with no streets or public spaces. You had to pretend that the houses were private even though you could walk through the walls.

The crypto bros became angry when I didn’t think it was any good, and attempted to make ineffectual threats. One tried to chew through my bike’s brake cable, but couldn’t manage it.

It was all very awkward.

Overall plan for the day is ‘do whatever’.

Currently ‘whatever’ is a cup of tea on the window seat, but it’s surprising how often it turns out to be tidying up a bit, or fixing some small household problem.

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