Somewhat disconcerting catching up on Green celebrations from yesterday, as it looks increasingly likely today that Labor will achieve an outright majority and do even less on climate than New Zealand’s pathetic Labour-majority government.

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Birthday completed successfully with several more books read, a dinner with my wife, and a homemade cake. Now we will watch Lego Masters.

Spoilers, describing a character who appears some way into the book 

Slight glimmer of recognition at the end that some kind of accommodation might need to be made with the billions of people affected, but they’re represented by one naive Canadian Sikh who gets mixed up in Indian politics.

The devastating effects of the eponymous termination shock – what happens if you stop blocking sunlight but all the carbon dioxide is still there – are alluded to, but never really confronted.

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My hedonistic birthday bacchanalia continues with cinnamon green tea at C1. Comes in a two-sided packet so you can take some home with you.

I have finished the ebook of Neal Stephenson’s Termination Shock, which I’d put it aside last year as it became apparent that the author wasn’t going to seriously question the morality of a billionaire unilaterally conducting an ill-conceived geoengineering project.

So far for my birthday reading, I have finished two Green Party newsletters and a 1969 book that attempts to explain the discipline of History. I am heartened to know that the author saw great promise in the possibilities of the growing World History movement to provide deeper insight into recent history. I believe this turned out to be correct.

It is time to go for a walk, buy some tea, and decide where to have lunch.

Next I shall breakfast on croissants, then bike to the library to dedicate the rest of the day to reading unfinished books and newsletters that I always meant to come back to.

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My birthday has got off to an excellent start. I have found my folding beard comb at the bottom of my bike bag. I thought it was lost forever.

Staying in a DOC hut on Ōtamahua/Quail Island for the night. As far as we know, we are the only people on the island.

The children have had friends over after school, which has resulted in a period of General Household Loudness.

Sitting around letting whatever illness I have develop so I can get a good clear result from a COVID test this evening.

Mind-bending etymology 

Honestly I would be happier if they thought it was an acronym.

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Mind-bending etymology 

I am not feeling well today, and I did not need to be confronted with an API that requires me to accept the horrifying assumption that the Greek prefix ‘meta’ is actually a plural Latin noun whose singular is ‘metum’.

Feeling more-than-usually grotty this morning. I shall stay home, and set myself the test of completing one code review. If that proves challenging I shall go back to bed.

You are all witnesses to this promise.

Petition, endangered species 

Parliamentary petition to protect the Tuna Kuwharuwharu/Longfin Eel. It’s bizarre that we allow commercial fishing of any endangered fish, let alone one so cool.


Paraguay is the one that’s land-locked, Uruguay is the one with a coastline. Now I can sleep, if it wasn’t time to get up anyway.

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