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covid vax (+) 

Getting our first dose of the Pfizer vaccine tomorrow!

We can't decide if we want to shave all our hair off, or dye it bright blue. The dye would have to wait until after lockdown, but we have clippers upstairs…

We have written so much fucking Nix today and honestly maybe it's time to do something else

Realised that we didn't post to fedi the selfie we took of us in our new crop binder + a cute crop top. Have a selfie!

(image cw: ec, scars)

China Unicom (Americas) let me buy a fucking SIM card challenge 2021


Uh, I've been visiting Auckland City Hospital a hell of a lot recently

covid, - 

Lockdown for a week.

I don't have the money to get groceries, I can't drive so I couldn't go to the supermarket anyway and I'd have to get groceries delivered, and there is nowhere near enough food in this house to last a week.

On top of the fact that I'm supposed to be preparing to move out of this house, and become effectively homeless, in just over two weeks' time.

Fuck everything about this.

Finally getting around to starting the code for the weird wearable tech project we're going to build

Y'know I'm honestly quite tempted to switch to using the OLPC XO-4 as a daily driver machine, in combination with mosh+RDP to a bigger machine for dev stuff.

If I can fuck with things enough to get NixOS running on it, get a nice big SD card to put that on… it'd be quite nice?

Realising that through many integrations I'm partly a g-ddamn Hatsune Miku introject… explains so much

Had a somewhat silly idea: Doing a livestream, (capped at) 24 hours long, speedrunning writing an OS kernel, with the goal being getting an extremely minimal userspace running in Ring 3, with enough syscalls implemented to make userspace able to interact with the world.

I think it would be fun! Fuckin marathon livestream of writing a tiny operating system from scratch! Why the hell not!

As I said: cursed. But also I really want to write a Linux kernel module using the new Rust stuff, so I might actually do that part.

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Bonus: modify the output of the PRNG before feeding it out, to never return a null byte. Let’s fuck with things that try to read strings assuming they have a \0 at the end.

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Second, the cursed way of testing this: a Linux kernel module - ReallyShittyRandom.

Basically just a Mersenne Twister implementation as a device node, but done in a way to specifically work for symlinking it in place of a file - track fseeks on the FD so that ftell reports an β€œaccurate” position, allow (but discard) writes.

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I just had a cursed idea, and then an even more cursed idea that would let me test the first cursed idea.

First: What would happen if you had a Windows VM, paused it, switched out its disk for pseudorandom data, and then unpaused it?

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