Our reasoning is largely that β€œwe’d be using a PinePhone already if it wasn’t for the lack of usable accessibility tools” and so. We’re gonna write the damn tools.

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Thinking we’re actually going to write a basic AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app using QML & QTextToSpeech, designed to work on Linux phones/tablets

Miku out of context:

Β«Yes, and I considered it, and then decided "actually I'm a slut for ImageMagick"Β»

πŸ’™ I am currently writing code to do page layout stuff & PDF generation from those laid out pages.

It's horrible and I don't recommend it :)

πŸ’™ Thinking about getting another dirt-cheap laptop (the X131e is attractive) for a few reasons, one of which is β€œthen I can sell the machines that would actually get me money”

Another is β€œa cheap laptop means I’m not afraid to modify the fuck out of it” - I’m likely gonna get the Storybook System to do some custom art on the top lid, and also maybe fit some extra shit internally

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πŸ’™ I'm pretty damn tempted to pick up a ThinkPad X131e, throw NetBSD on it, and use that as my main portable machine - especially now that I have the remote development setup that I have

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πŸ’™ I really want to try out using NetBSD full time as a workstation OS, honestly

🌢️ miku, hope you don't mind me editing all our social media bios!

(and if you do, too bad, lmao)

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🌢️ there. display name is better now.

πŸ’™ Fuck I love Picrew. New avatar for me! Edited to add the necessary piercings :3c

[ picrew src: picrew.me/image_maker/1272810 ]

Anyway now I get to fix the u-boot config on my Pi 4 while listening to Baby Shark, I guess!

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Made a coffee with chocolate milk instead of regular milk and now there’s a Blue in co-front, who wants me to put Baby Shark on repeat so she can dance around when I’m supposed to be doing work

One day I will have the ability to do livestreams again. Hopefully soon.

Wrote a lil blog post! The first, of hopefully many, update posts about my current project: palm.rs πŸ¦€


Doing development work on a remote machine, using a Raspberry Pi 4 as a mostly-thin-client (mosh + Firefox), is actually working rather well for me

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