๐Ÿ’™ Fuck I love Picrew. New avatar for me! Edited to add the necessary piercings :3c

[ picrew src: picrew.me/image_maker/1272810 ]

Realised that we didn't post to fedi the selfie we took of us in our new crop binder + a cute crop top. Have a selfie!

(image cw: ec, scars)

Hell yeah, successfully set up the Cisco 2960X that I bought months ago and never got around to setting up.

Now I have a lot of spare Ethernet ports to plug things into.

So we've been idly looking for a suitable backplane interface for the custom Z80 computer we've been thinking about building, and we think we found the perfect one!

Also, the amount of information and cool projects on retrobrewcomputers.org is staggering.

Just set up our "new" calendaring solution! :3c

(No, this is not a bit, we're actually going to use IBM Lotus Organizer in a Windows 2000 VM.)

itโ€™s a shame forestbot toots donโ€™t display properly in @tootapp :(

i now have another cute keycap, and this time it's .

god bless aliexpress

will be in a very long Zoom meeting soon, so i made my virtual background a Bob Ross painting

iโ€™m currently doing something that is definitely not intended to work

installing macOS on my Ryzen desktop

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