@aurynn For lack of a decent working (technology-based) one, I have gone back to my post-it notes.

I may have to resort to nightly photos in case of surprise lockdowns. It also makes it hard to work through and update/manipulate while not at my desk.

@vik bloody hell Vik .. booboo or existing condition? Regardless, take care of yourself.

@vik I do a lot of blocking of sponsored tweets, and blocking of people/companies in topics I don't give a shit about (all topics). To me the bird site is about people (and the occasional company) I find that I am interested in, not topics.

@aurynn Likely just a different alignment of the stars or something.

@Firesphere the same way I reply to my emails, with the most recent comment at top ;)

@Firesphere first glimpse I thought it was a piece of your 'faulty' licorice .. you know the licorice where sometime accidentally used a kg of salt instead of a teaspoon. ;)

But yeah that is not going to give you a nice clean hole.

@Firesphere Wild and varied .. if you have an interest in something, there is probably someone else interesting and the channel may already exist.

Except maybe carpooling ;)

For those not twittering or bookfacing, I'm going to be changing roles and picking up the Training Manager role at Catalyst.
And with that I need to hand off part of the 'Special Projects' role .. the L1/L2 Desktop Support.
If you reckon you could know someone that has a knowledge of Linux and a strong culture of helping ensure that other people can do their jobs, get them to apply via ..

@aurynn My Project Learn Banjo is a very slow project

@fincham Oh, how do you find it? .. the use of it?

I haven't been able to find information about being able to use your own sync service rather than their's.

@aurynn Ahh that would explain why my reply to me doesn't work.

Computering eh?

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