Especially if you have just upgraded to Ubuntu Jammy, and the stupid snap for Firefox doesn't work properly (at all) with KeepassXC.

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: 'Delete Selected' and 'Delete All' are not buttons you want to mix up.

There were about 15 tūī enjoying the kōwhai out the front of my place this afternoon, it was glorious!

Te wiki o te reo Māori

In Ubuntu, 14.04 (Trusty) was the last version that supported Te Reo Māori as a language. Since then the support for it has fallen away. But you can still install the language packs to get some kupu in your menus and dialogs.

mkdir -p ~/language-pack-mi
cd ~/language-pack-mi


sudo apt install ./*.deb

You'll also need to change your Language settings ..

ugh .. rewriting something is hard .. especially if you are sure you previous words were pretty much bang on what you wanted to say/ask.

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Now what did I have in that unsaved text file of notes that went bye-bye when I restarted?

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yay, moved one post-it note into the done pile!

argh .. so many rabbit holes that take me off in different directions.

Is anyone using Nau Mai Rā for their power?

How has the service been?

How easy is it to get data from them? In a form that I could import into influxdb to graph.

As I am working from home on this wet, windy day, I do note a degree of privilege that I ended up in a career and a company that allows me to work from home.

For me, the best thing about has been seeing (some times across the crowd) people haven't seen for a while in person. And of course catching up with the usual suspects.

But I did go home instead of heading out for dinner and a drink with them.

Fuck Covid.

Ohh, nice. (1.5 hours ago) past me turned the electric blanket on.

urgle .. today is Tuesday .. not Monday. This does change some timelines.

Been putting some hooks up in the garage so I could store the ply up off the ground.

Not too worried about being evenly spaced, but careful measuring to make sure the 3 hooks are horizontal and in the middle of the studs for maximum stability and strength. Drilled holes for the coach screw to make sure they didn't bind.

The last turn on the last screw .. ..

When I double-glaze the ranch slider, I must remember to specify glass that will still allow that warming winter sunshine to come through.

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The heatpump is on, but my laptop and I have abandoned the desk in the study for the radiant warmth from the sun in the lounge.

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