Been putting some hooks up in the garage so I could store the ply up off the ground.

Not too worried about being evenly spaced, but careful measuring to make sure the 3 hooks are horizontal and in the middle of the studs for maximum stability and strength. Drilled holes for the coach screw to make sure they didn't bind.

The last turn on the last screw .. ..

When I double-glaze the ranch slider, I must remember to specify glass that will still allow that warming winter sunshine to come through.

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The heatpump is on, but my laptop and I have abandoned the desk in the study for the radiant warmth from the sun in the lounge.

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It's going to be a good day. The sun is just starting to hit the washing on the line.

That's awkward, was snacking on some uncooked spiral pasta (as one does) .. .. I probably should drink some water

What is it with 'social media' and their blue icons/theme?


Hmm, ok, maybe just the ones I regularly use ... instagram whatsapp snapchat tiktok aren't keeping that blue icon theme.

Are many people joining up with multiple Mastodons to get the coverage of their interests? How well does that really work?

For those not twittering or bookfacing, I'm going to be changing roles and picking up the Training Manager role at Catalyst.
And with that I need to hand off part of the 'Special Projects' role .. the L1/L2 Desktop Support.
If you reckon you could know someone that has a knowledge of Linux and a strong culture of helping ensure that other people can do their jobs, get them to apply via ..

Back at work (from home) after some goodly days of sliding down mountains with boards attached to my feet.

.. so what was that admin passphrase I used for that?

I spent a good chunk of my weekend watching youtube videos on building workbenches.

It was a rabbit hole.

@vik do you make 3D printer filament?

Do you have opinions on DIY filament extruders (specifically reusing failed prints)

Just over 90 bottles cleaned and inspected (some cleaned again) ready for the Oatmeal Stout @occasionalbrewr bottling next weekend. That should allow for a few to fail a 'on the day' inspection.

Labels removed (some sticky bits left). Shout out to @kererubrewing, @EpicBeer & @panheadbrewery for having the easiest to remove labels in their 500ml ranges.

Doesn't help that Bionic was a 'well it works with those tweaks' upgrade of Xenial. Some packages weren't needed, or because they were installed, the Bionic version/alternate wasn't used .. resolvconf comes to mind.

Really should re-examine the what/why of each explicitly installed package.

This can be fun work.

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urgh .. working through the packages that FAI and puppet install for Bionic to find the differences we need to consider for Focal

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