i am continuing to get gaslit by my state government about vaccinations

i got az 5 *days* before the pfiiiiizer was available for my age group

so I can't get fully vaxx'd until the end of November.



and yes I will always call it the pfiiiiizer, thanks to Jimmy Rees


@glasnt 😢

Are they suggesting you need to wait 10 weeks between AZ shots? Or have they just reduced AZ supply until November?

Either way it sounds less than ideally organised :-/


@ewenmcneill 12 weeks between shots.

If I had waited a week before getting my first, I could have been fully vaccinated 2 months sooner.

This is after the fun earlier in the year of the government telling 'young people to get vaccinated', but not actually giving access to said vaccinations.



@glasnt “12 weeks” 😮

NZ was 3 weeks when vaccinating the elderly, and changed 6 weeks after that; 12 weeks seems really long.

And yes the AU Federal messaging and actions around vaccinations have been horribly out of sync. “Go get vaccinated. Haha, we meant later.” is a terrible way to run a health initiative. 😔

Sorry to hear you got caught up in Yet Another Special Case not predictable in advance 😢

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