Today's cutup So technically I have used 5 cheat days already and you only get 6. Wine fast begins again today. Aiming for two dry weeks.

Today's cutup That feeling of getting to the bus stop or train station and realising you forgot your mask. It's like those dreams where you are naked out in public.

Today's cutup: Welcome to level 2. A nice night last night not worrying about a terrible lot, that was before we knew we had to start worrying a bit more today. Was sick to my stomach most of the day due to one too many pastries after lunch. Lantern festival leftovers.

Today's cutup My niece and her mate visiting, the fast is definitely off, cheat day 2 or 3 maybe. Back on it soon. With weather like this... Very still right now. Time to enjoy it.

Today's cutup I had another cheat day yesterday, someone poured an unwanted Viogner and I couldn't let that go to waste. I don't think we'll count that one. Being good today, a Clausthaler 0% beer with dinner.

Today's cutup At the end of the day, at least I can say I made a thing. It wouldn't be there otherwise. I can't read everything, but I can cut up some of it. It is a kind of sampling.

Well I made it a solid week with no alcohol, tonight two glasses of Te Mata Gamay Noir 2020. Cheat day #1.

Today's cutup some days you feel like you are firing on all cylinders, others you miss a few strokes.

Today's cutup Waiting at the physio. Such a beautiful day out there, just want to go walk and walk. Sore ankle won't stop me. One week and no alcohol, still living.

Today's cutup On the train. Most people are still wearing masks. Including me since I found this crumpled one in my pocket. The year seems to be going into full swing. Can barely keep track of what's going on sometimes.

Today's cutup: My wife ran in around the bays today, I could not due to a recovering sprained ankle. I dropped her off and went and waited at the finish line. It was fun to watch thousands of runners stream past trying to pick her out and take a photo of here crossing the finish line. I became hypnotized eventually and then there she was standing in front of me jumping and waiving hey, I'm right here. Totally missed her finish.

For the first time I published two cutups (believe me I've made lots of unpublished ones per day...) It was sort of an experiment, because I subscribe to the blog itself in the RSS reader where all the source material comes from, so in the second cutup, the first cutup is part of the source material. So some of the text and images regurgitated again in the second post mixed in with new material.

Today's cutup There was a bit of a jolt as I finished this up. Anyhoo, on day four of no alcohol. It's fine, except dinner beverage is boring. Tomorrow I'm buying a non-alcoholic wine. My wife says it's cheating, but no, drinking a wine w/ alcohol in it would be cheating. It's not wine I don't want, it's the alcohol.

Here is today's cutup: Tomorrow David Lynch will say if you can believe it, it's a Friday once again. Or maybe, maybe he will say something else. I haven't been watching the weather report lately. Been making daily cutups.

Today's cutup very still right now, about 20 degrees Celsius. 20 + 20 + 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 72 is a nice degrees. Today more Smog radio on Spotify. It's not exactly summer music but the occasional Jonathan Richman song does come up.

Day #1 of the fast. Well, it's almost been a whole day. I am still alive so far.

Today's cutup Today is Ash Wednesday and the fast begins... I have not done this in — a while. Lately I have needed ritual in my life. Been reading about Auguste Comte.

today's cutup: Today it took me 15 minutes to select the images, clean up a few extra punctuation marks and select a better title because I didn't like the randomly generated one.

Firefly Lane is the lifetime network movie no one wanted. Except my wife, she loves it. The soundtrack is not horrible at least.

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