Today's cutup Planning South Island Easter break. April seems so far away right now, but I know it will come up quick.

Today's cutup As soon as I got done cleaning and sat down with a small dish of ice cream to watch the Attenborough show, it went to commercials.

Today's cutup Issues involving retaining walls between properties can be tricky. Usually one party or the other will remain on the fence over who is responsible.

Today's cutup I walked down a path I had never walked down before today. It didn't really go anywhere unexpected though.

Today's cutup Went out for Vietnamese, ran to the station fighting the wind.

At one point I exported the list of feeds from the oldreader, when they got to the 100 feed limit there, and imported them to Commafeed. Probably there is a way to export a nice list. And put it on a WordPress page maybe.

Today's cutup I thought about figuring out how to export the list of feeds. I guess I am still thinking about it.

Today's cutup That feeling you get when you find someone doing the thing you want to do, only better:

Yesterday's cutup Watched some fun interviews with Bogdanovich, he had some great stories.

Today's cutup I witnessed another act of random kindness on the roads over the holiday. Guy in a Ute in front of me driving down the highway. Me getting ready to turn and seeing a stalled car in the turrning lane and thinking oh no, that is blocking my way. Guy in the Ute quick pulls up behind stalled car, jumps out and helps push it off the road. Then jumps back in and drives off down the highway, he wasn't even turning! Me grateful for not have to get out of car.

Today's cutup A driving day. A woman's car stalled along the road, she flagged us down and asked if we had jumper cables which we did not. The car was not in a good spot and she popped the hood and wiggled some cables and it started back up. That was a relief because we couldn't help her.

Today's cutup The Legendary Pink Dots have continued well past the time I stopped listening to them in the early 90s. It nice to catch up with Ka-spel and friends. Listening to "Angel In The Detail".

Today's cutup It's hard to imagine the people that came before us, the same age as us. They spent the same amount of time walking the Earth, with less access to information but somehow always older and wiser.

Today's cutup Got up early(ish) went for a 5k jog. Then went for a swim and as I put my toes in the cold water, I saw what at first I thought was a turtle in the pool. On closer inspection it turned out to be a hedgehog, paddling it's little legs for dear life. I wasn't about to touch it and risk being bitten, but managed to rescue it with a foam water stick flotation device thing. Which was also handy to corral it back into the grass and away from the pool.

Today's cutup I took the washing off the line. Now I'm back in bed looking for a good book to read, er, have read to me.

Today's cutup Movie night was Respect, the Aretha Franklin biopic. Initially my religious father was put off, but in the end it won him over.

Today's cutup I purchased a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4 🎧 since they seemed to be a good value for features and quality. The Sennheiser PXC 550-2 seemed like a good option also. The Bose 700 were nice, but more expensive.

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