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is anyone but me using Shortcuts to wrangle photos on iOS? as of some recent iOS update when I use a Shortcut to grab a Photo I get a 640x480 blurry preview JPG of the photo instead of the actual photo...

Ok my best estimate for Saturday's test lift is that it'll happen between 10 and 11. No promises.

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This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here.
Huge success!

Updated this evening to add experimental support for building nsjail. At the moment you need to build this on ARM64 or x86 because of the limited set of available protoc compilers from Google.

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As usual, wishing I picked up a SARB035 before they were discontinued…

I don’t recommend breaking the little plastic bit on your Sony headphones.

Current status: eating a whole bag of Le Moulin croutons

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