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I ordered three “maybe they work, maybe they don’t” calculators for parts and one “yeah it works”

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Inside of you there are at least two Elektronika MK-52s

Hikitia status update: boilers have been surveyed for another 12 months. Some repairs were done to the wharf recently around the Hikitia. Can you believe those wharf posts only lasted 95 years?! I’m wondering if we can get the Hikitia a Patreon account…

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On being "lazy" about software freedom:

Everyone lives a full life. Not everyone gets the same opportunity to pick what fills their life, though. People are busy. They have things they like to do or find easy, & things that are unpleasant or difficult.

People whose life is filled differently than yours, who have different priorities than yours, aren't any more lazy than you are lazy for not picking a more compassionate way to talk about the challenges standing in the way of software freedom.

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@tychosoft and yet a priest class of white, wealthy, libertarian males is all we've got, 32 years after the GPL was first introduced.

That's not the GPL's fault, of course, but we're in such a dire situation because a licence, which is a legal agreement, cannot address non-legal matters such as the patriarchy, global inequality and capitalism itself. Solving those requires devs take a hard sance on subjects that are inherently political in nature. Unfortunately that's something they're (mostly) not willing/able to do, partially because of how neoliberal academia frames technology as "neutral" and "agnostic", which it's not. The sooner we realise there's a power concentration problem in the FLOSS community, the sooner we'll be ready to address it.


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Did you know xmessage buttons can be rectangular!? (really this covers any athena toolkit(xaw) button)

put in ~/.Xresources

Xmessage*shapeStyle: rectangle

And because I am going for a sort of neovt220 scheme I also have.

Xmessage*foreground: Goldenrod
Xmessage*borderColor: Goldenrod
Xmessage*background: Grey5

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maybe the world needs a fourth monkey. see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and type no evil.

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I’ve used struct.pack() twice this week and it’s only Tuesday

I had a very basic go at talking to the reMarkable 2 eink display from Python through rm2fb. Can’t seem to flip any actual pixels yet but the refresh IOCTL makes regions of the panel blink which seems like a good sign.

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@neauoire The 286 I have is older than I am. I'm more generally interested in the old ISA bus and how (relatively) easy it is to interface to it.

Computing has a curse of dimensionality problem in that "the more bits of state you add, the less of the entire state space you explore".

With older computers, the smaller state space means you can push them more and see their true limits.

Thinking this might be a good weekend to progress some watch projects. Tempted to dive in to the new-old-stock Raketa.

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I think a Pi Zero + iCE40up5k will fit inside and make these broken Psion's usable again.

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depending on how you count, there are around 50-60 steps involved for us in assembling a MNT Reform from parts. the DIY Kit Reform covers around 23 steps.

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