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oh and I sneakily crammed a new theme! in to the commit. I should probably suck less at git.

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updates to my i3-wm based "desktop environment" are still trickling along, there's now some optional integration with the style of password and emoji pickers I use in my dotfiles:

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@fincham in case it helps, I’d probably do:

dpkg-l $PACKAGES 2>&1 | awk ‘/no packages/ { print $6 }’

for that, rather than looping on the dpkg check. (Possibly with LANG=C or some English to ensure the messages are more stable.)

every KAWAIICON book submission I open for the first time is a genuine delight

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If three people signed up for $2/mo plan on sourcehut in the next 5 hours then our revenue for today would be $1,337

Just, uh, letting you guys know

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I'm doing a bit of research for a talk, could you send me anything relevant to paper computing, diy punchards machines, graph-paper coding, vedic mathematics, mechanical programming, and other things you have stumbled upon that you found interesting related to computerless computing?

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I generally agree with the principle of least surprise, except in the case of pleasant surprises

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"maybe later" is one of the worst phrases to come about during the 21th century

Looking forward to seeing what if any implications “SAD DNS” has. Did some mitigations for it on my networks this morning so at least we should be OK...

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Now I need to port libass to plan 9...

normal: tired
normal, with caffeine: tired but agitated

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@neauoire "The idea that something might work fine the way it is has no place in tech culture. "

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DZ: extreme honk levels 

The wait is over.

#honk 0.9.3 Notacanthous Nutshell

backup command.
Relax requirement for multipart/form-data posts in API.
Dedupe blob file data.
Better support for rich text bios.
Follow and unfollow should work a little better.
Option to mention all in replies.
Reduce interference between various text substitution rules.
Fix crash in search with extra space.
Fix pubkey issue with domain only keys.
Custom lingo for those who don't like honking.

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