@mugginsm the first week back completely destroyed me. Ate a whole weekend getting back on track.

@tveastman yeah I have a feeling it’s not optimised for selfie range or close friends

@paul pretty much :) the main focus of the image is the shock jewel!

To celebrate here are some closeup photos of things on my desk that I copied over using the card. Can you identify all of them?

(This is a similar game to what National Geographic World provided for kids in the 70s!)

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I'm releasing a filesystem image (and some instructions) for making LZeal brand "ez Share" WiFi SD cards work with Andonstar digital microscopes: github.com/fincham/andonstar-e

@aurynn this is very rude. I hope you feel better soon.

@dznz @aurynn taking anti-anxiety medication for the first time a couple of years ago made me realise how much anxiety I was living with all the time :/ these days are better for sure but ...

@dznz that is a photo of Look At All The Peaches, one of @filterfeeding@twitter.com's beautiful boys

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Something arrived in the mail! I do hope the Furby won’t be harmed if I don’t pay the ransom, @fincham! ❤️😊

@aurynn to be clear: people in other servers can follow me, but I can’t seem to follow them

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