@Firesphere depends on the type of fly but a small dish or cup of vinegar with some dish soap in it can work really well

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Reminder: I'm absolutely judging you for building a website without providing a webfeed. And I think it's wrong for browsers not to implement webfeed autodiscovery, even if they leave the actual feedreading to another app.

The alternatives to webfeeds are to:

1) Have visitors regularly & manually load your website to check for updates, or
2) Sending all the updates to some central service like Facebook.

Neither's ideal, so offer webfeeds! Especially for communication platforms!

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@nick @idanoo I just like that I don’t have to worry about anyone exploiting my record player or it getting malware 😂

@nick huh, I had no idea. I might actually be interested in that. Drop me a PM?

@nick nice! It’s a good hobby. I have restarted my record collecting in recent years too. I am all for calmer more personal technology and it’s hard to beat a record player and a beanbag and some good headphones :)

@nick some NOS smaller Russian nixies. I’ve got a “world clock” from the 70s with a Nixie display that needs new tubes, but I’m going to adapt it to use these.

@nick @aurynn @idanoo is it an LPFM station? I have a bit of history with them (good history mainly)

@idanoo @nick heck no! I defer to the illustrious @aurynn for such matters

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Realistically though, you'd want not a "no phone", but a "non-addictive phone". Like, a feature phone. It makes calls. It receives SMS. You could install Opera Mini on it and browse the web, at lightning-fast GPRS speeds, if you REALLY have to. Heck, you could even make yourself an OMA IMPS gate for whatever IM services you absolutely need to stay connected to at all times. But its restrictive nature would prevent you from being addicted to always checking it.

@tychi @cwebber I started making a modernised guide for it here github.com/fincham/small-mail- this may help! And one day I will finish it hopefully

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