A bit of a look at Aotearoa’s broadband bandwidth at the moment. Biggest ever day on the Chorus network yesterday. Graph from Doneel Maran’s LinkedIn page (linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:l)

Inside of you there are at least two Elektronika MK-52s

If you use libvirt (e.g. virsh, virt-manager etc) and you routinely need "throw away" VMs, I have tidied up my tool for managing these and released it: git.sr.ht/~fincham/scratch

We found this kārearea eating a kererū in Wellington this morning!

I finished a little craft project today. Gluing felt in to this three room tray from Daiso.

I have gained some insight in to what happened to my old access point…

AliExpress LED noodles arrived. This is so soft and floppy! I blew it up shortly after this 60mA run. Do not exceed the specified power limits even briefly...

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