Luffing. This is the bit where all the rainwater that’s run down the screw flies off at face height in to the gear room where everyone is standing.

Slewing CCW, or “Forward” as it’s labeled in the driver’s cab.

Semi-implemented page-turns-with-periodic-refresh in KOReader on the PineNote

A continuing theme with the PineNote: it’s already very usable even without much optimisation or complete support for the hardware!

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Some initial work on implementing the device-specific stuff in KOReader for the PineNote

I got 1.2kg of kimchi today so the apocalypse may proceed I guess.

You know a watch is good when it's marketed as a Sports model with a Calculator and it has to have a button for the Time

Initial comments back from surveyor: certification passed for lifts of up to 19.5 tonnes! We have more repair work to do yet.

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