Nonsensical to see computer hackers upset about face masks. Oh no, it’s suddenly socially acceptable to look cyberpunk as hell while partially obscuring my identity and gaining protection against an invisible foe. How will this ever align with my values???

@fincham but also, isn't trying to do the right thing against an adversary, also part of the hacker ethic?

I mean, a mask is an exploit against the viruses infection vector? It's reverse DDOS for viruses, we're denying it to spread. That's pretty punk.

@fincham the only annoying thing is glasses and masks, and that is fixed by better masks

@maddiefuzz @Jetengineweasel folks were having a complain about Defcon on other “social media” platforms

@jerry @fincham @maddiefuzz lmao it’s great living in a failing state. Hunter S Thompson was right about the party being over

@fincham So much this.

Even if one thinks all masks are 100% ineffective at stopping the spread of infectious disease, it's hard to deny the style and privacy improvements.

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