Slewing CCW, or “Forward” as it’s labeled in the driver’s cab.

@fincham awesome. I’m also a big fan of what looks like maybe a 1990s intercom?

@tim sadly it was never very practical, the ambient noise really necessitates individual radios. I’m going to put a video link down to the gear room when I have the energy though.

@tim you might think the bank of switches controls something, but no, it just makes lights blink elsewhere on the crane and a person has to go throw a giant lever when the light starts blinking 😂

@fincham so kind of like a less petty (and legible) version of this?

@tim right, there is indeed also one of these (going to some semaphore flags on poles) but it's been out of use for many decades. the semaphore poles are covered up with tarps and the chain linkages are not healthy anymore.

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