Anyone know what’s up with the NZ govt talking clock? Can’t seem to dial it at the moment. FWIW if you want to test please know it inexplicably costs 99 cents / minute to call.

@fincham It answered for me, and provided the correct time according to my Linux box localtime ...

@fincham Spark, mobile. I haven't had a landline for a looooong time ...

@fincham Actually looking, it's a Spark service, so perhaps its off-network calling that isn't working?

@yojimbo was just thinking that. I’m on a different provider, I bet the routing is broken

@fincham Also, you worry about some odd stuff sometimes. If I didn't know you had a large collection of timepieces I'd worry more ...

The person with one clock knows what the time is. The person with two is never sure ... and adding more doesn't help!

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