@nick some NOS smaller Russian nixies. I’ve got a “world clock” from the 70s with a Nixie display that needs new tubes, but I’m going to adapt it to use these.

@fincham That is SPECTACULAR! I love analogue technology. I've recently started getting back into Vinyl myself. Picking up old LP's and digitizing them for posterity :)

@nick nice! It’s a good hobby. I have restarted my record collecting in recent years too. I am all for calmer more personal technology and it’s hard to beat a record player and a beanbag and some good headphones :)

@fincham Absolutely. I recently bought a few old warfdale speakers, and an old Pioneer amp. I upgraded the Stylus on my turntable and am really happy with the results. There is something so transient about Vinyl. It's so fragile and yet comforting. I think it's the potential for it to be damaged over time that really makes it sink in, that this music is yours, you actually own it, and it gets worn out like your favorite T Shirt, or socks :)

@nick @fincham I'm a huge fan of older amps/speakers. I've got a bunch of stuff laying around I should set up again! There's something nice about that slightly unique warm tube amp sound instead of crystal clear lossless audio.

@idanoo @fincham I cant say for certain about warmth. I do know I like it, but I think it's a visceral thing? Holding the LP in my hand and being able to know that I'm literally holding music is just nice. Also, being able to play it back and hear all the imperfections is just amazing :)

@nick @idanoo I just like that I don’t have to worry about anyone exploiting my record player or it getting malware 😂

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