Very good, my desktop PC died and the digitiser on my iPad seems to be broke. A good week.

@fincham oh no!

How is the digitiser broken? Entirely non functional? Or just weird input?

@ewenmcneill just registering touch input while it’s sitting on a table :/ at least I have the fancy warranty until March but it’s a hassle

@fincham I’d definitely try cleaning the screen thoroughly first. I’ve had weird inputs in the past from something partially conductive on the surface 🤔

(But good to hear there’s a “make it someone else’s problem to fix” backup option!)

@ewenmcneill mm I thought it could be that too though it doesn’t seem like there’s anything on there. I’ve owned several iPads in the past and haven’t seen anything like it previously.


It does sound like something’s broken inside then :-(

Hopefully getting it fixed is easier now NZ is back in Level 1 (as best I could tell much of the detailed repair was done in Auckland).

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