I'm releasing a filesystem image (and some instructions) for making LZeal brand "ez Share" WiFi SD cards work with Andonstar digital microscopes: github.com/fincham/andonstar-e


To celebrate here are some closeup photos of things on my desk that I copied over using the card. Can you identify all of them?

(This is a similar game to what National Geographic World provided for kids in the 70s!)

@fincham is the second done kind of lighting lattice?

@fincham it’s got weave like fabric, but looks plastic. It’s not ringing bells...

@fincham funny but that just makes me want to Velcro on my Rollerblades and actively diminish their IP capital more.

@fincham The first one is the spring in a clock movement.

@paul pretty much :) the main focus of the image is the shock jewel!

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