Going to go and open up my new reflow hotplate / pre-heater!

It’s hard to argue with the value of this at just over $100 NZD delivered. Would I recommend it though? Not really. Unlikely that it would be technically in compliance the relevant NZ electrical safety standards. I replaced the earth wiring and un-bent the sheet metal and it does seem to work...

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I think I’ll add some glass wool insulation inside the top. On some of the tear downs I’ve seen online there was insulation in there, but the plate was thinner. It came with a manual for an entirely different device! Luck of the draw I think exactly what you’re going to get.

I think it’ll work well for preheating. Might not use it for reflow much until I’ve improved the insulation as the case gets quite hot.

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@fincham a long time ago i saw a surprisingly positive review of something like this which was basically a smol metal box with a bunch of insulation and a hotplate on the top and i have never again been able to find it :-(

@r i actually ordered several similar devices of varying degrees of sketchfulness. this was just the fanciest and first to show up :P

@fincham i eagerly await your reviews. years ago i almost got nerd sniped into making something like this...

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