@fincham It's something I think is important. I don't know where else to put it.

@fincham Counterpoint: it's *me* who needs to keep being reminded.

@aurynn @fincham It's from my notes for my 2018 PyCon AU talk, but I didn't actually end up using it in the talk.

@tveastman @fincham I hadn’t thought of it like this before. It would have made a good contribution to your talk.

@aurynn @fincham The other way to look at it is that we tend to devalue things we're not good at, as a defense mechanism. Which is similar to stuff you *have* been thinking about :-)

@aurynn @fincham nnno? I was referring to your writing on contempt culture.

@tveastman @fincham I'd initially been like "hm is this a comment on how I'm struggling to connect to the value of what I'm doing with my work right now" to which it would have been "yeah fair point" and me saying something like "oof sir I am wounded"

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