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Wrote about my small adventure to see the Aquariids on Friday night

Might be time to try finish The Peripheral again. It’ll be the fifth time or something. Maybe this time.

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testing MNT Reform battery/power reporting firmware+SPI kernel driver in development by NanoCodeBug

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"Go google it" is horrible advice in an era where search engines' top results are those who game the algorithm the most, and Google tailors different search results to every user.

So if a clueless person searches about topics like transphobia or racism, they might actually find transphobic or racist results, and in the end your "educate yourself, don't bother me" approach actually made it WORSE.

To celebrate the launch of GitHub’s distasteful new “Copilot” feature I decided to finish migrating all of my code to sourcehut. Everything that used to be on my GitHub account is now at

I love the catclock I love the night life

Luffing. This is the bit where all the rainwater that’s run down the screw flies off at face height in to the gear room where everyone is standing.

Slewing CCW, or “Forward” as it’s labeled in the driver’s cab.

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OH: "If I have single source sending packets to millions of destinations, that's either a nameserver or a port scan."

This can definitely be made speedier and nicer again.

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Semi-implemented page-turns-with-periodic-refresh in KOReader on the PineNote

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Good morning. Happy Samhain (Halloween) to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. Todays a great day to enjoy falling leaves, drink hot chocolate, and celebrate autumn with some pumpkin soup. #samhain #halloween

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any GNS nerds on this thing? I have questions about Rochfort crater.

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