There were actual QAnon conspiracy people on my bus???

We went to the Wellington Centre for Book Arts today and did an introductory Case Binding course. It was a long day but this is the blood tome I made.

Seems like Chrome’s user agent deprecation is happening finally. I’ve started seeing user agents like:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible) AppleWebKit Chrome Safari

With no further version information.

Finally got around to documenting the blocking factor and checkpoint number features in GNU tar:

files may be up to 256 kilobytes. your offering may not exceed 2 megabytes.

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here's a little art project I started at Christmas and finally finished (ish) this week:

Where is the “never load images” but in the Outlook client for iOS?

Update: Captain Ben is retiring after 25 years.

Instructables used to be the best website. Maybe it still is?

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