On Track 5 they break out the electric guitar and things really get going

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I’d like to think this was peak Tangerine Dream but everything Tangerine Dream does is peak Tangerine Dream

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Just discovered that Tangerine Dream made a concept album about Kafka’s THE CASTLE

Watched LEAP OF FAITH and I feel like I’ve just been slapped by William Friedkin for an hour.

We are going to see if we can get enough people together to just them doing a book binding course.

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And steam was successfully raised, in preparation for a “hot survey” in the next week or two.

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A few photos from Saturday morning on the Hikitia. Swapped out a few more of the temporary leak fixes from the last lot of rain with some epoxy that should last until the wooden decking is reinstated above.

Registered for Introduction to Letterpress course on Friday

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