To celebrate here are some closeup photos of things on my desk that I copied over using the card. Can you identify all of them?

(This is a similar game to what National Geographic World provided for kids in the 70s!)

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I'm releasing a filesystem image (and some instructions) for making LZeal brand "ez Share" WiFi SD cards work with Andonstar digital microscopes:

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Something arrived in the mail! I do hope the Furby won’t be harmed if I don’t pay the ransom, @fincham! ❤️😊

@aurynn to be clear: people in other servers can follow me, but I can’t seem to follow them

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@aurynn should federated follows be working? Having trouble with a couple of domains

Has a wee look around the various iOS mastodon clients and I think Amaroq is still my favourite! It’s the right kind of drab and functional for me.

I didn’t even grow a pandemic beard. If anything the extra time spent at home has lent me a more carefully cropped facial outlook.

At the airport. It’s pretty chill here.

I should maybe mention that similar to Twitter I don’t have notifications turned on for this. If you need me urgently try IRC or Signal.

I think it’ll work well for preheating. Might not use it for reflow much until I’ve improved the insulation as the case gets quite hot.

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I think I’ll add some glass wool insulation inside the top. On some of the tear downs I’ve seen online there was insulation in there, but the plate was thinner. It came with a manual for an entirely different device! Luck of the draw I think exactly what you’re going to get.

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It’s hard to argue with the value of this at just over $100 NZD delivered. Would I recommend it though? Not really. Unlikely that it would be technically in compliance the relevant NZ electrical safety standards. I replaced the earth wiring and un-bent the sheet metal and it does seem to work...

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This is astonishingly rare to see, but it's one of the reasons why I'm here.

Original dial vs new dial. I got a bit sick of the military thing.

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I built this watch today out of a Seiko SNK803, some Grand Seiko hands and a custom seigaiha dial from Lucius Atelier in Singapore.

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