If you come around to my house you’re entitled to one nice hot chocolate.

Still deciding whether it’s worth trying to re-establish offsite tapes again since it feels like we might get pandemic’d again anyway before the year is out...

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Got to the end of an extremely long dependency tree of tasks (like multiple days of yak shaving) today that allowed me to reboot a machine to get its PCI SAS card work again so I could eject a tape 📼

On Track 5 they break out the electric guitar and things really get going

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I’d like to think this was peak Tangerine Dream but everything Tangerine Dream does is peak Tangerine Dream

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Just discovered that Tangerine Dream made a concept album about Kafka’s THE CASTLE

Watched LEAP OF FAITH and I feel like I’ve just been slapped by William Friedkin for an hour.

We are going to see if we can get enough people together to just them doing a book binding course.

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And steam was successfully raised, in preparation for a “hot survey” in the next week or two.

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