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web dev, system administration, recommendations welcome! 

anyone know a good resource that concisely explains characteristics of good monitoring/alerting setups for devops/sysadmins? e.g. clear, actionable messages with contextual info, in as few locations/channels as reasonable, high SNR, etc?

i feel like i've read on this topic before but nothing i can find or recall specifically rn, and i think my target audience needs a better writer than me, and/or an appeal to authority, to get the message

Good news: the Hotplate Labs shell box wasn’t down
Bad news: the power supply for the switch upstream of the shell box died
Good news: it requires anywhere from 12 to 57 volts and I Have One Of Those

Going to build an I2C controlled digital potentiometer interface to my minidisc recorder to press the track labelling buttons

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I don't have the recipe to recreate any of the cans of soup in my pantry, so I suppose that means I don't own them? Some kinda strange conclusions to be reached if we redefine ownership.

I had to replace my phone, expect a new Signal key from me (once the Signal outage is over...)

Feel free to confirm this change out of band.

Hash: SHA512

2021-09-27 I'm rolling my Signal key due to phone replacement!


Another Friday tool drop from me:

SockKit is a Python module that makes it easy to make any weird IO in to a SOCKS proxy. Just implement connect(), recv() and send()!

Yes this is part of something bigger coming soon…

Kudos again to my employer Pulse Security ( for facilitating this work.

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Ursula K Le Guin, on tech workers:
"Real power goes to waste. Every wizard uses his art against the others, serving the men of greed. What good can any art be used that way? It's wasted. It goes wrong, or it's thrown away. Like slaves' lives. Nobody can be free alone. Not even a mage. All of them working their magic in prison cells, to gain nothing. There's no way to use power for good."
- "The Finder", from "Tales from Earthsea"

Spent ~ half of today trying to understand cmd.exe quoting through several layers of indirection

Remembered you can make hot chocolate with tea in it and this was a very good thing to remember.

Updated this to add bloodhound, and hooked up so you can grab some demo builds from

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As promised, here's another Friday tool drop. This time it's a Docker build environment to turn popular Python hacker tools (like impacket) in to AppImage bundles so they can be run anywhere. Grab it from

And thanks again to my lovely employer Pulse Security for facilitating this work!

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tooooooooo much socket programming this week 😫

My friend needed a real mode DOS executable to delay for 2 seconds, so here you all go as well:

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Tadaa, a #pinenote showing its own schematics. It seems like the size of the pages of schematics is almost perfect for this.

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That copy of the complete Lovecraft I put in the compost has made for lovely potatoes this year it would seem.

@aurynn alright then I will. How’s your router going?

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