Another Friday tool drop from me:

SockKit is a Python module that makes it easy to make any weird IO in to a SOCKS proxy. Just implement connect(), recv() and send()!

Yes this is part of something bigger coming soon…

Kudos again to my employer Pulse Security ( for facilitating this work.

TBH the most time consuming phase was the “preparing for what if the upgrade goes badly” multiple times.

Having camera/photos, MFA, and Covid-19 tracking all on one device is convenient when it works. But a lot to lose if a firmware upgrade goes badly (which I did have happen about this time last year, due to space constraints, and had to wipe and reinstall my phone, recover MFA, etc; fortunately Covid-19 tracking wasn’t as vital here then).

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Decidedly too much “recreational” sysadmin this weekend 😔

But on the plus side all my phones/tablets will be on the “latest OS” for ~36 hours (until it becomes “not the latest OS; upgraded this weekend so as not to have to experience “just released” pain). And I figured out how to have app based MFA on old and new phones, so that’ll make cutover easier.

As promised, here's another Friday tool drop. This time it's a Docker build environment to turn popular Python hacker tools (like impacket) in to AppImage bundles so they can be run anywhere. Grab it from

And thanks again to my lovely employer Pulse Security for facilitating this work!

The last ~week seems to have been rather too much Interesting Times (tm) for my liking. I’d rather there was a queuing system for crisis so they had to wait their turn 😬

@o0karen0o Naomi Wu got the code!

<mandarin>"Because I can't tell them that we are not GPL compliant, we Chinese are not like that. They will say that we are IP thieves."</mandarin>

Notice employee's reaction to that. Also those "we"'s... so smart.


Overnight there are a bunch of locations of interest for Covid-19 exposure in my suburb. Including places I’ve been to this week.

Fortunately so far my strategy of “don’t leave the house at all on the day lockdown is announced, or the day after” seems to have worked out: I wasn’t there at/near the hours in question.

Disappointing to see 2 hours in a pub on Tuesday evening, after lockdown was announced but not in effect yet, on the list though :-/

Holy shit. It took me 8+ years to get the fix right, but I managed to fix an old MFM drive that I accidentally shorted.

I accidentally shorted a resistor on the ISA controller board in the process. Nevermind that said resistor's only connection to anything else is an identical resistor that's fine. But the controller board still works and I can always buy a replacement.


A set of Dockerfiles for static cross-compiling of various Linux “hacker tools” using musl-cross-make. I’ll be adding further recipes and documentation to this over time.

This code comes courtesy of the good graces of my lovely employer

banking / finances 

After 45 minutes in a bank branch today, I appear to have successfully exchanged the piece of paper (cheque) for a promise that my bank will send it back to its origin bank (overseas), and assuming it is accepted then in about a month or so I’ll have some more numbers in my online banking.

Cheques are weird.

(Ironically my bank and the origin bank are owned by the same parent company. I don’t think this makes anything much easier 😢)

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banking / finances 

Receiving a cheque in 2021: after confirming it is in one of the four currencies my bank will still accept cheques in (NZ$ not being one of those), spend half an hour online comparing the handful of remaining bank branches within driving distance to decide where to deposit it (the bank branch in my suburb closed some months ago, along with many other branches).

I remember cheques being easier than this... 😢

Privacy is about power and agency. those can be stolen from you just as much by your phone reporting images it doesn't like or by an advertising algorithm as they can by a nosey neighbour peeking through your curtains.

Live-stream Q&A about the Australian Census (privacy, gender questions, etc.) Friday August 6, 14:30 AEST. Should be a great conversation; I recommend everyone check it out if available!
RT @bendechrai
I'm really excited to have a great lineup of guests to talk about #census #Census2021 #Census2021au tomorrow 💪

Join @attacus_au, @sauramaia, @samfloreani and me, for discussions on paper versus online, differences in questions, #…

Soon may the weatherman come
Bringing us heat and summer* and sun
Soon may the weatherman come
And take this rain awayyyyyyy

(*gotta get through Shitsville first, but summer scans better than spring)

This 1983 intro to computers book for young children has as much detail in a few colorful pages as a college hardware architecture class.

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