The great thing about owning your own house is when things break you own both parts :-/

Now repaired, by an electrician and reconnected by the lines company. Fortunately it didn’t drop the line low enough to be a real safety issue (it’s a short overhead run with little slack), and I didn’t lose power except during the repairs.

I’m glad it’s fixed before the next lot of wind though :-)

(It turns out electricity point of supply is the last power pole that connects to your property.)

@fincham in case you’ve not seen it someone managed to get serial console and root login on a “frozen screen” eInk Kindle and then use that to control the screen. Which could be an reasonably priced way for a decent sized screen, given the eInk Kindles are an older generation now.

Any Wellington friends here interested in a Hackerspace?

This is an incredibly well presented talk, and my current #lca2021 favourite. Kudos to!

"Radio Astronomy for Programmers"

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Just discovered bytefield-svg. Combined with asciidoctor-diagram is pretty neat. Makes for a nice way to document protocols on websites or pdfs.

You can see a pretty exhaustive example here:

Hi New Zealand!
A little FYI
Keep scanning those codes! Our lord Jesus QRist (and Ashley Bloomfield) are counting on you to do the right thing!

@fincham you might also like this 2019 conference talk by the discoverer of FM synthesis. It’s 2 hours long, and a “single camera at the back of the room” recording, but from about 50-60 minutes in starts including lots of fascinating visual and audible examples.

(I’m 90 minutes in. It’s got lots of history and audio generation science. Also a YouTube suggestion.)

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@fincham this (September 2020) video about the first (Yamaha) instrument to use FM synthesis and how it came about might interest you. (Looks to be part of a series; YouTube just randomly recommended this one to me, so it’s the only one I’ve seen so far.)

Biggest achievement of the day: I appear to have fixed my ~35 year old calculator not by changing the battery (as I expected from the dim display), but by adding four layers of sticker over the area where the battery contact metal is mechanically coupled to the flex circuit of the calculator 😮

Wondering out loud: are there any NZ banks with reasonable information security policies?

Eg at minimum non-SMS 2FA and/or allow 32+ character passwords.

Ideally ask with customer communication practices that are easily distinguishable from phishing. And aren’t just cos-playing Sneakers :-/

Preferably banks that haven’t had to be bailed out by the Government in my lifetime...

(After this week I’m feeling like I need more than one bank, for risk mitigation.)

I like how this highlights the cool, enabling aspects of smart people doing free and open things, and the exclusionary, assholish behaviours that smart people doing free and open things sometimes exhibit.

Some people have a dog to warn when there is someone on the property; my neighbours seem to have a dog to warn when no one is on the property.

This is less useful than they might think :-(

I think it’s late enough in the year now to say for sure: 2020 is definitely in the top 7 worst years in my life.

2 out of 5, would not recommend.

for a true vision for NZ we don't need red/green. we need vertical polarised and horizontal polarised. that way lies more colourful stereo.

I feel like the basic thing you should do as a mail provider is deliver the message unmodified.

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The sunrise rainbow over the Hutt Valley and Wellington Harbour looking out from The City To Sea Bridge totally captivated me on Friday 2nd June, 2017 ... I have so many photos.

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