I finally developed a bunch of my film that I've been meaning to for a while, and optically printed a few of the shots on some *really* old photo paper and I got this unspeakably eerie image. I love it so much!!

FTR final CO2 levels at the point I finished and left, 1288ppm. Up from 873ppm on arrival 3.5 hours earlier; most of the climb was in the first half hour, dropped a bit with a door open at morning tea and most people out of the room, then climbed slowly in the second 1.5 hours.

Had the hotel improved their airflow as a Covid-19 precaution? I suspect not 😢

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2 hours into the “practical” workshop (90 minutes of “introduction”, 30 minutes “morning tea”) details of the lab environment and workshop exercises were provided.

The exercises took maybe 80-90 minutes to complete, for what was notionally a “whole day” workshop.

Which means I could have done the exercises in the time the “introduction and marketing” bit was given and felt it was time well spent. 3.5 hours to get to that point, not so much.

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The logic then easily follows that they should have made a version of compact flash that used the same signalling as SATA hard drives instead of IDE/PATA.

And you would be correct. And they called it, honest to God, CompactFast.

I can't make these things up.

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* now entirely gone (ie the most local of Covid-19 vaccinations centres to me closed). Presumably less demand (or less supply). Which is sad because in theory everyone will need boosters in 2-4 months…

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Overall it seems very poorly documented for something the Ministry of Health is spending advertising money encouraging as many people as possible to be vaccinated 😔

Oh, and the Covid-19 vaccination center in the same shopping mall is not entirely gone (it was a “pop up” anyway). So I guess Covid-19 vaccinations are no longer a priority 😢

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The answer appears to be “yes” you can pay cash for the Flu Vaccination this year. $32 in the case of the Life Pharmacy near me. You’ll also ideally want your NHI number (ie same as Covid-19 vaccination asked for), as apparently it has to be recorded in the national database.

Paying cash does not seem to be the normal case though, as I got asked twice about whether I “had a voucher from work” or had anything that qualified me to get it for free (age, medical history, etc).

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It's here! And it's just as magnificent and adorable as I dreamed! 😍

A two port SATA controller in an mPCIe form factor! 🤓 #xp

Amusingly the Flu Vaccination appears to include egg/egg derivatives, making it both not Vegan and also containing an item I’m allergic too. So I’m sure that’ll make it more of a fun conversation tomorrow. (Fortunately I don’t get anaphylactic reactions, just cold/Flu/Covid-19 like symptoms. And I personally think the trade off is worth it. But this is why we can’t have nice things.)

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It seems extremely unclear whether the Flu Vaccination this year is only available to “at risk people” (65+, pre-existing conditions, etc) for whom it is free; or if it’s available to “everyone” and only free for certain people.

I’m quite happy to pay, I just can’t tell if I’ll be turned away just because I don’t qualify for a free Flu vaccination?!

(Have booked anyway since there were three dozen free appointments tomorrow at a pharmacy ~2km from me; at worst I lose half an hour of my day.)

College networking course: "The OSI network model has 7 layers! Those 7 layers handle all the abstraction between the different parts of the network stack!"

Me, the L1 escalation specialist in Arista TAC: *cracks knuckles* "Let me tell you about all the layers inside of layer 1"

It feels like the spelling of the word "bureaucracy" was arrived at by committee.

@aurynn is it intended the Cloud Island Patreon is now 18+? I’m now seeing a click through banner on Patreon while not logged in, which seems… surprising.

(I could click through without logging on, but even needing to do so sends a message about potential content that seems odd with “family” tiers… 🤔)

Ironically I pay for a PO Box, which gets 6 days/week postal delivery, and that would have been the default delivery address, if I hadn’t tried to speed things up by paying for courier service. This is why we can’t have nice things 😢

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Did they courier the replacement card? Apparently not, just standard post to the courier address. So (with the public) holidays, and 3 days/week residential delivery, it has not arrived.

At least the card has been created and dispatched, so that’s something. And maybe it’ll even arrive in April 2022 😔

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