Real talk, why isn't there a Dockerfile-like format for generating VM images

If you have a spare evening and $10 before 1st August you can watch Rūrangi at home

If you are doing fitout for a restaurant or something please, for the love of God, hire someone who knows the first thing about acoustics.

Quite the gut punch with this medical data leak, A good chunk of my job is battling users and management for basic security hygiene, If nothing criminal/fines wise happens with these 2 then my job becomes almost impossible. Hard to push security if there's no consequences from deliberate acts

The fantastic InternetNZ annual conference is going on-line (but of course it is). They're currently looking for speakers / facilitators.

If you're wanting to attend keep an eye on the website for tickets when they come open up.


Can't remember taking this photo back in February 2017, but I'm glad I did

Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!


I'm organising the specialist track at PyConline AU this year, titled "DevOops: Learning from Failure."

If this sounds like a thing you want to contribute to, you should check out the CFP!

I wrote A Thing on changing the default branch name used by new Git repositories created with `git init`:

Remember: you don’t want FirstName and LastName. You might want FullName and/or FriendlyName, depending on use.

Don’t collect gender or sex or any personal data that you don’t have a specific, clear need for. If you have to collect Sex, your enum needs a minimum of four values (there’s an ISO standard), but don’t do it if you do not have to.

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Missing New Zealand tourism-related wikipedia articles.

Tourism has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 shutdown. To help raise the profile of New Zealand tourism, I’m looking to write wikipedia articles about New Zealand tourism-related topics (people, places, businesses, events, etc). I’m looking for suggestions, hit me up with a name and 2-3 secondary sources for anything you can think of.

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Our Call for Cookery and Craft (CfCC) is live! We don't know when it will close yet, so get creative and start chopping together your CfCC!

So if you need iOS app thoughts:
- Mast is the best UX. Push notifications don’t seem to work. Issues around timeline management.
- Toot! is really good. Notifications work, but don’t have any interactions. Has the best threading UX. It’s what I use.
- Tootle is pretty good. Notifications work, but don’t have the content in them. No interactions. The notifications pane is really hard to read.
- Roma has decent if a bit weird UX. Not sure about the privacy policy.

If you're looking for an iOS client, I recommend checking out Toot! @tootapp

It's probably my favourite!

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