for a true vision for NZ we don't need red/green. we need vertical polarised and horizontal polarised. that way lies more colourful stereo.

I feel like the basic thing you should do as a mail provider is deliver the message unmodified.

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The sunrise rainbow over the Hutt Valley and Wellington Harbour looking out from The City To Sea Bridge totally captivated me on Friday 2nd June, 2017 ... I have so many photos.

Hey @aurynn, you're doing great with Cloud Island. I appreciate this service and especially the thought you put into making it a good space.

Honestly not sure if it was worth it.

iOS 12.4.1 worked really well (still on some devices because of not wanting to upgrade during pandemic lockdowns). iOS 13.x seems worse TBH (and 14 sounds like a huge annoying visual change, which is why I rushed to install 13 while I still could).

Ultimately running forever without a over a year of security updates didn’t seem like a great long term plan, but I wish “security patches” didn’t involve *everything* else changing...😢

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Essentially the only thing I’ve achieved all day (12+ hours) is upgrading a bunch of iPhone/iPads to 13.7 (while it was still available; about to vanish as apparently 14.0 releases tonight, on about 35 hours notice; thanks Apple).

One update failed and required a factory restore for the device. Another device was new and needed initial setup, before it could be upgraded. Triaging 200+ open tabs before upgrading (in case they vanished) took hours by itself.

TweetVer: A versioning scheme like SemVer, but in 280 characters. Version numbers are of the form X.Y, and you must have an upgrade guide in your documentation. If a new release warrants a new entry in your upgrade guide, increment X and reset Y to 0. Otherwise, just increment Y.

Real talk, why isn't there a Dockerfile-like format for generating VM images

If you have a spare evening and $10 before 1st August you can watch Rūrangi at home

If you are doing fitout for a restaurant or something please, for the love of God, hire someone who knows the first thing about acoustics.

Quite the gut punch with this medical data leak, A good chunk of my job is battling users and management for basic security hygiene, If nothing criminal/fines wise happens with these 2 then my job becomes almost impossible. Hard to push security if there's no consequences from deliberate acts

The fantastic InternetNZ annual conference is going on-line (but of course it is). They're currently looking for speakers / facilitators.

If you're wanting to attend keep an eye on the website for tickets when they come open up.


Can't remember taking this photo back in February 2017, but I'm glad I did

Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!


I'm organising the specialist track at PyConline AU this year, titled "DevOops: Learning from Failure."

If this sounds like a thing you want to contribute to, you should check out the CFP!

I wrote A Thing on changing the default branch name used by new Git repositories created with `git init`:

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