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I’ve already said “no” to the “we could go to a restaurant” bit. Even in the before times restaurants were pretty “risk analysis” required for me (food allergies, plan ahead). But until this decade the worst case was “feeling a bit unwell for a few days”, not 2-n weeks of being unable to do much of anything (even in one’s house).

I’m not a fan of this “new normal” :-/

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Feeling especially disappointed tonight that society collectively has handled pandemic response so poorly that these days “family dinner” feels like something requiring a detailed risk analysis.

Tonight I’m really wishing that AWS VM sizes were named sensibly instead of the silly “T-shirt sizing” names AWS use.

I’m *fairly* sure someone just downgraded a VM from 4vCPUs/16GB RAM to 2vCPUs/8GB RAM by mistake while trying to change CPU platforms and going from “xlarge” to “large”. But not sure enough it was a mistake to override it tonight.

(Said VM was already performance constrained 😬)

I'm running a weekly Show and Tell interview series... I'd love to hear from you if you're interested in joining me some time!

If you'd prefer to watch, I've linked the series below!


When they were protesting at the Oscars was when I decided to leave my VFX career and switch to tech.
Had a different job 2 months later, was a good decision.


So what’s going on? A 30-min documentary that you can stream FREE called “Life After Pi” (which tells the story of the VFX company went bankrupt right when it won the Oscar for Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi”) spells out how the sausage gets made.


For those who aren't aware, I'm running a weekly Show-and-Tell style interview / stream series!

If you might like to join me one week, please feel free to get in contact (or nominate someone you'd like to see).

Currently after someone for the 6th Sept!

On the plus side my Aranet4 peaked at about 1100 ppm, and then someone opened a window and it dropped again. Mostly around 600-800 ppm. So that was better than I feared.

And the meeting ran early so the “flew in” supplier staff were persuaded to put initial management config on the hardware they’re supposed to be managing (remotely). (First time it’s been out of its shipping box in 3 months :-/ )

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Number of people in in-person meeting today: 9

Number wearing masks: 3 (inc me)

Number of people who flew in for meeting: 4 (0 of whom wore masks in the meeting)

Number attending via video conference: 2

Stated reason for in person meeting: we need to be in a room with a whiteboard

Number of times the whiteboard was used: 0

Not sure that “a whiteboard” is the magic talisman we all should be clinging to these days 😔

Elle is spot on


If you’re wondering why all the security folks on your timeline believe’s whistleblowing statements, it’s because we’ve all seen inside enough companies to know what “industry standard” looks like in practice.


If you aren't already tuned in, Liz is still dishing out all the details of how KF targets folks

RT Monday, 6p Pacific. Part 1: Meet customer KiwiFarms.

Upcoming in Part 2: how Cloudflare enabled this, /dev/null-ing abuse reports & worse.

Part 3: how to apply pressure by migrating workloads & ending contracts.



Do you want to get more of the goodness or didn't attend this year but saw all the cool things been talked about? Next year's event is being held in Invercargill from 15 to 17 September 2023.mark your diaries for that .

I developed another roll of film today and this is my favorite on this particular roll I think :D

TIL that they moved an old school building in Shanghai in 2020 by giving it LEGS and have it *walk* to its new position. Insane.

One place indicated estimated sporadic stock would continue until at least 2023 or 2024. Which makes me super curious which item in it is in short supply. (Ultimately it’s 90+% sterile saline by volume, plus some “cleaning” chemicals.)

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Apparently the next thing to be affected by supply chain shortages is the contact lens solution I have used (in slight variations) for the last 30 years (AO Sept).

Many places are out of stock, and the 3 pack I used to buy is entirely gone replaced by a 2 pack at 3/4 of the price for less than 2/3 of the volume (before/now one bottle is half size).

(I have ~2 bottles left, and just ordered 2 of the 2 packs from someone who claimed to have stock; who knows if that works 🤷‍♂️)

I got the telescope out last night and snapped this one. Love how the colours came out C:

I also took some photos of the same target on film so I'm excited to see how those compare when I develop the roll

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Interesting realisation of the day: due to the way optics works if a contact lens seems to be covering only part of the pupil — vision works at the “bottom” of the eye but not the top — that means the contact is stuck covering only the top of the pupil. Which means it needs to be pulled down, not pushed up.

In related news: days since I had to have someone rescue a contact folded up stuck under my top eyelid: reset to 0. (I think that’s 3 times in 30 years.)

But I just realized that FRR has a "ip protocol any route-map NAME" and "ipv6 protocol any route-map NAME" config for modifying routes on their way from the BGP RIB in FRR towards the kernel, and you can create a route-map that "set src" to override the src addr select

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