My mate is putting on an evening for Pasifika people who want to get into the *technical* side of IT.

If you know any Pasifika finishing high school, or looking for a career change, keen on tech and want to hang out, ask questions, eat food, get them to register here:

Please boost so it reaches the right people, and if you see a post about it on Twitter, could you RT there? Thanks!

Belatedly tagging as of course they are more likely to find this relevant.

@dznz dude if you hit delete & redraft... 👍 they let you >>edit<< your post

It doesn't delete it, it just opens it for >>editing<< way cool! 😍💝👍

@juliasnz on updated servers yeah; not all will have updated yet, so edits may not propogate everywhere

@swansinflight @dznz I did not know that! Thanks for the heads up 🙂💝👍

@juliasnz @dznz I don’t think it’s a reason to not use it; all should update soon I guess.

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