Tell your young people not to give their spare energy to employed work. Their employers will take it if they give it but all that happens is the young folk burn out. Teach them “no” and “pay me”

@dznz Indeed. And an employer will only hope for the next idiot to do that, instead of feeling sorry.

@dznz I wish I'd been given that advice 15 years ago. Still recovering. Now I pass on the warning.

@haven4books you might not have heard the advice. We’re indoctrinated from young, and on top of that it used to make some sense: the deal was to let yourself be exploited in your twenties and come your thirties and forties you’d get compensated. But the ladder has been pulled up.

@dznz Well put. And I was climbing out of difficult origins, so there was an existential/survival element that kept me pushing.

But that ladder being pulled up. So spot on and so maddening to be this far along and nursing burnout as the primary payout.

@haven4books echoes of Johnny Rotten’s “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

Showing instead of telling is even better.

The young ones learn from their role models.
If we, as parents or professionals getting exploited too, the next generations will take this as default behaviour.

@dznz be an example...

Often find myself being too easy about this myself.

@dznz Also apply for union jobs. Keep applying until you get one. It doesn’t cost anything to apply for jobs. Even if you only apply for one job per day there is a good chance you’ll get one eventually.

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