Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell socialising 

Reminder that we can post this image here. 😈

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#NZTwits thought I would make an account over here, give the news 👀

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Just in case we have another blip of new arrivals in the wake of Musk's about-face about-face, lets get ready to keep an eye on the #nztwits and say hello to anyone new making an intro!

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Today seemed like a good day to try Mastodon. No reason. No no no. #nztwits

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Imma guess we might be in for another birdside exodus influx, so:

Welcome new #NZTwits! :laserkiwi:

Please make yourselves comfortable, play around with your settings (I recommend enabling "enhanced web interface" for a spiffy columns-view on desktop, and Tusky for Android), sing out if you have any questions, and when you feel like it, make an #introduction post. 👋

Covid assholes 

“I don’t have to wear a mask. Jacinta said.”

Oh this is a fun country we live in now

And if that’s the case we should be up on the parapets. Labour stans want to excuse a party that is doing what it wants to do.

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I’m done with Labour apologists. Either we have a functional representative democracy in which case Labour are accountable for their policy… or we don’t and we should be preparing to proactively restore our democracy.

If there is a gun, figurative or literal, at our government’s head forcing anti-NZ policy then we don’t have a democracy, of any sort.

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I didn't realise this was the original version that was extensive sampled by Orbital. Has a weirdly apocalyptic feel considering its just Jane singing. Then again, a lot of early 80's stuff had a similar vibe

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@dznz @aurynn We should probably have an Aurynn appreciation day 👏

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This is one of my favourite times of the year.

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Just re-read the govt covid rules to see what's _actually_ mandatory at the moment (orange). They're quite a lot more restrictive and sensible than everyone seems to think. Just a lot of folk don't seem to give a shit and ignore them.

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I've signed up to walk 200km during October to help raise money to provide free period products for those that need them. Any (tax deductible in Australia) donation you can make towards my goal would be greatly appreciated!

@aurynn just want to say thanks for keeping our little home away from home running.

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My lightning talk is up:

It's a plea for my community of AU/AoNZ Pythonistas to pay attention to what's happening to trans people overseas, and to stem the tide here. Accordingly it contains a lot of CWs listed at the start of the video.


Kiwifarms can't die soon enough. Fingers crossed Cloudflare are finally shamed out of hosting the fuckers.

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#NZTwits I have a question for you

I want to find out more about where my grandfather was stationed/his role during WWII. Where do I start? What are some good resources?

All I have at the moment are the heavily censored letters that he sent home. He refused to talk about it, apart from the odd comment, so no one in the family really knows much.

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