A cool bot would be something that takes a photo/gif of the sky tower every night and makes up something about the colour scheme.

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The itch.io bundle for racial justice and equality is still going for another 34-ish hours! Support the NAACP and the Community Bail Fund *and* get over 1600 games!


Tokyo Godfathers is the best Christmas movie. I will take no further questions at this time.

Just had a lovely dinner at Tasca in Eden Terrace.

@danfaulknor I’m still keen to arrange that Wordpress tour btw, just been heads down focused on going live. Still might be a couple weeks, if that’s ok?

I forgot that this was my new home, with BLM kicking off Twitter ended up pulling aggro. But you are all still here! Yay!

I'm being a bit cheeky and adding my Twitter mutuals to a list called "cloudisland.nz wishlist" - hopefully I don't lose any of them 😅

It just keeps doing More. Now we’re railing against the Common Good.

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No one warned me Wizards First Rule was written by an Objectivist before I started and.... yiiiiiikes.

Wordpress is honestly really awful to work with. I respect why people choose it, but it's just a cursed ecosystem.

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@dznz Vivaldi seems pretty nice. When the goog ripped out the chromium APIs that adblockers etc depend on, they committed to maintaining those APIs in the Vivaldi project!

IE and Safari were never on my side, and I don't expect that to change.

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I don't think Chrome is on my side anymore (haven't for a while). Firefox and Opera still feel like they are on my side. Some people swear by Brave but I have problems with its creator and its currency.

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Morning all. We deserve web browsers that are on our side.
They should protect our privacy, equip us with tools to make sense of things, defend us from bad actors.

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it's as easy as 1-2-3

computer bad
try add more computer
oh no now computer more bad

One more metaphor! They are “fair play” detective stories.

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Or perhaps a language metaphor works better. It’s a conlang to express a certain kind of puzzle.

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For the audience to appreciate the trick they need to understand the systems at play. It’s pleasure from clockwork.

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