Apparently they did. That's... mostly a relief. There's a nihilistic element to me that wanted the bad thing, but it is ver small.

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RT @LeoLabs_Space
No indication of collision. 👍

CZ-4C R/B passed over LeoLabs Kiwi Space Radar 10 minutes after TCA. Our data shows only a single object as we'd hoped, with no signs of debris.

We will follow up in the coming days on Medium with a full in-depth risk assessment of this event!

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Second-to-last day to vote. Have you done your democracy?

Today I:
- went to the gym
- picked up an HDMI-microHDMI adapter
- Set up a raspberry pi
- Installed microk8s on it
- Spoke with an ADHD coach

I failed to vote. That'll be tomorrow's task.

@aurynn question: have you considered an InternetNZ grant for cloudisland?

I also just shouted out as a kind of practical dual power structure to bigtechco platforms.

Loving today. Can't believe I waited till 2020 to get to one. So glad I've made it.

So.... my fiancee managed to get my number transferred to a prepay account without any auth from me, just with social engineering. On the one hand: impressive. On the other hand.... wtf is this telco doing?

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'The publishers’ “prayer for relief” seeks to destroy the Open Library’s existing [physical] books, and to soak the Internet Archive for a lot of money.'

I'm a little too tipsy to rewrite my birdsite thread so I'm gonna link to it instead:

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Today in personal research, I was looking into Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, an alternative diagnosis to ADHD "Inattentive" type.

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I still find it astounding that a Tesla charged from the electricity grid emits about 45-55% more CO2 overall than my camry hybrid pumped full of petrol.

Australia is so incredibly backwards.


Very glad to have a diagnosis and a clear management path. Fuck yes.

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I have an answer to my health woes: I have Coeliac disease. I've been torturing my poor little villi with my anti-gluten antibodies.

A little bittersweet to have an ending, but it's for the best I think.

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Well, that's the end of that job. Time to find something new!

Turns out I only have one kidney! I’ve never had two! Fascinating surprise discovery about my body via CT scan.

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