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Is there even one backup mechanism for Linux, that is not fucking awful and dysfunctional?
Borg? Borked
Deja-Dup? Deja-Doesn't
rsync-time-backup? rsync-notime-backup
rsync? r-sunk

Here for a good time not a long time, this tenth episode brings season three of The Little Man's Wireless Show to an end. Where else could you have Sizzla alongside Nicole Dolleganger and Tom Petty? We've selected a vocal-heavy mix this week with some classic songs. Thanks for listening along, my darlings. There'll be a season 4 at some point.

Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/1WYp

YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNx

All Time:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/2plN
YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNx

For the record I’m fine. Not fine, but “fine”. Just weird. And watching my brain decide to start crushing on the most random person for literally no reason. C’mon brain we don’t do that.

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Thought I might be horny then realised to my surprise and horror that it was *lonely* and *isolated* that I’m feeling. That’s way worse.


Fuck, I know what we need to do from a public health perspective but do I want us to do that from a personal perspective no I do not.

All aboard this week's episode of The Little Man's Wireless Show! The train leaves the station with a little Mitski and proceeds through singer-songwriter heights before beginning a second leg across the instrumental and downbeat steppes. Finally, we wind our way down the eclectic valley till we cut through a natural cave and out to the bay. Enjoy the journey!



Yeah nah yeah I get it, just a bit bummed is all. Just a touch downaroony. Sweet as, all good etc

They say if you say his name five times into a mirror, the Little Man will appear and sing his Wireless Show to you. But don't do that. Instead have this 1hr playlist, a poorer but much safer alternative to the Real Thing.

Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/1WYp

YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNx

Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/2plN
YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNx

It must be so weird to watch someone with executive dysfunction from the outside.

“So you are choosing to spend hours just sitting there rather than doing the thing? But why? What?”

Like.... hours and hours of trying to get brain to do worky thing. It's.. kind of not good.

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I'm losing whole work days to executive dysfunction right now and I don't quite know what to do about it. No-one around me has the bandwidth to e.g. body double or support or whatever.

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Technologies are designed to create an extra free time.
If it is not happening, something needs to be done.

Read more here:


Thanks @strypey for introducing me to this idea.

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Oh, this looks really useful. A tool that automates the process of running a binary search for keywords on Web Archive URLs.

Bit of a special one this week on The Little Man's Wireless Show. Lockdown Level 4 has felt tough for folks this week, so I've made a list of absolute classic artists and songs, regardless of fame and familiarity, many connected to specific moments or people I love. So we've got Imogen Heap, Lisa Hannigan, D'Angelo, Tyler, Tricky, Tom Waits, Tracy Chapman, and more in a two-hour episode. I think this is a good one. Check it out, my darlings, and love to you and yours.

Proud of myself. Arranged a 6-month review and made sure to mention remuneration and just got a reasonable pay bump effective immediately. Good self-advocacy, Daniel. Nicely done.

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