In what might be the hackiest fix to a bug I've made in a long while, the GDQ main layouts have a short, silent audio file just constantly playing on loop to prevent cold audio starts from the graphics.

Sometimes I hate when my long shot solutions to problems actually work.

me, sowing: what if I overengineered this

me, reaping: fuck

Being on call to fix things is surprisingly anxiety inducing though, even when things are working as expected.

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And thankfully, only a small amount of code has broken and needed fixing, and only some of that was my fault. 😅

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Look, I know I'm still not 100% on board with events being done in person, but an in-person GDQ has been a very welcome thing to watch this week, and it still feels like GDQ of old even with social distancing and everyone required to wear a mask at all times.

Woke up super drowsy 3 hours before GDQ is scheduled to start, and was feeling like throwing up half an hour later. Mostly fine now with 2 hours still to go, but I wish the universe could pick a different day, given I'm supposed to be available to fix things. 😠

Oh boy, there's more stuff that needs doing. Luckily there's enough room to still keep down to the wire stuff at a minimum, but I've still yet to help out a broadcast that wasn't making changes right up until the last second. 🙃

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Complaining about family 

I really wish my family could just understand that I'm not all that keen on hearing their opinions on my life, sharing what's happening every week, or having obligations placed on me by them that I'm not comfortable with.

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Complaining about family 

Calls with my mother are so exhausting, and often involve either stuff I don't want to talk about—my weight might concern you, but I don't give a fuck if I'm gaining or losing weight between our calls—or is just full of subtle guilt trips.

Because I have busy weeks ahead, I gave her a heads up to get a call in now before I'm not going to be free to answer, and though initiating meant I could mentally prepare, I'm still totally drained and worse for the rest of the night.

My dev work for SGDQ is in the home stretch right now, which means we're finally at the point where panic mode overcomes my ADHD. At least this time the stuff that still needs doing before the event starts is a lot smaller and less down to the wire as AGDQ 2022 was.

By stark comparison, this is what *actually* went out live in January.

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So to add some context to this, this is how AGDQ 2022's layouts looked in September last year.

This is what I dreamed went out live.

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Just got reminded how in September last year I had a dream/nightmare that the early prototype I was working on for AGDQ 2022's layout refresh went live exactly as things existed at that point in time, with virtually no content.

Anyway, there's only 10 more days till SGDQ 2022.


It is continuing to worry me just how often I forget what year we're in.

Or, I guess I should say without resorting to those things *afterwards*.

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Is there any good ways of pre-emptively dealing with the headaches from adrenaline loss, without just resorting to caffeine or painkillers?

Me: "Okay, as soon as this banger song is finished, I'll move onto my Desktop and get started on work."

Song finishes. Another banger song starts.

Me: "...Okay, after *this* banger song is finished-"

Ad infinitum.

I truly do love rainy day vibes, but there's some stuff I really ought to be doing today, like getting groceries, that would require me to walk through it. 😬

"I'm just going to very quickly update all my package dependencies before I do anything else today. Shouldn't take long"

An hour later:

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