Or, I guess I should say without resorting to those things *afterwards*.

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Is there any good ways of pre-emptively dealing with the headaches from adrenaline loss, without just resorting to caffeine or painkillers?

Me: "Okay, as soon as this banger song is finished, I'll move onto my Desktop and get started on work."

Song finishes. Another banger song starts.

Me: "...Okay, after *this* banger song is finished-"

Ad infinitum.

I truly do love rainy day vibes, but there's some stuff I really ought to be doing today, like getting groceries, that would require me to walk through it. 😬

"I'm just going to very quickly update all my package dependencies before I do anything else today. Shouldn't take long"

An hour later:

Just discovered that while CSS Flexbox with flex-direction as row will expand it's height as rows get added, if the flex-direction is column, the width will *not* expand past the first column.

This is immensely frustrating.

Apartment woes 

It's really frustrating how one small little shit incident can just kill any and all energy and enthusiasm you have for the rest of the day.

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Apartment woes 

Body corporate is checking registrations. You're supposed to register within 72 hours of moving in to avoid a charge. I did mine on the second day of moving in.

Anyway, they don't have a copy of it, so I had to refill out the register form, and they're asking me to pay $50 as an admin fee for not doing it in 72 hours. 🙃

I hate that my attention means I have a blog site that I've redesigned from scratch 3 times, and yet it still only has the one article on it, despite the fact I've started drafting like seven, lol.

ADHD is really good at providing an endless supply of new ideas, but not so great at enabling the follow through.

What's cool about being on a Macbook Pro and messing around with the new wider color gamut CSS stuff Safari has, is you get to pick the greenest green from the sRGB space, and then watch as you can make the screen go *even greener*.

Complaining about family 

Was having a nice pleasant call with my mum to catch up, until we got to my longer hair right at the end, and I mentioned I bought hair ties for if it gets longer.

Immediate reaction of telling me to not let my hair get that long, and being really negative about even the suggestion. 🙃

My mother has often been quite judgey in small ways, and while she's gotten a lot better in recent times, she will still on occasion let you know her opinion without you asking.

If you think the tools programmers build for average users are bad, you should see the ones we build for other programmers 😩

Do the custom emojis on Mastodon have alt text or fallbacks for screen readers?

If you knew me from Twitter and thought I write weirdly and verbosely when limited to 280 characters, just wait till you see what I can do when I have 500 characters at my disposal, lol.

At least during the transition period, it seems that setting up cross-posting by default between Mastodon and the birdsite seems to result in some jank.

There's not much point in a request for people's Mastodon accounts to follow to be sent out on Mastodon. 😅

Unlikely to be making Rust my language of choice any time soon—still in the early stages of learning, still have trouble wrapping my head around—but it's definitely looking to be an option I take for specific things.

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Messing around with Rust, and compiler/linter is the most helpful of any language I've dealt with.

At worst the message has enough terms or specificity in it to let me know what searches to make, and at best will literally tell me how to fix the issue it's pointing out. Love it.

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@CloudCuckooCoun I just want real life to be positive and wholesome, and for my fiction to be depressing and tragic. Is that really so much to ask for?

How long does it take for profile pictures/headers/bios to typically propagate to other instances? Noticed that I still have the default avatar and display nam when looking at replies of mine to other instances.

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