I came home and my cats greeted me as if I were a Disney woodland princess. I felt special, cats rule.

First day back in the office and I left my development branches at home 🤦‍♂️

saying we'll be able to upload consciousness, from our current understanding of the brain, is like aristotle trying to make a human being out of the right proportions of fire, earth, water, and air

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It seems strange to me that a generation of people who used to routinely show their kids cartoons featuring a male-coded rabbit who really loved dressing super femme and seducing his adversaries, now largely has such a rigid view of gender.

640k browser tabs ought to be enough for anyone.

had some latent Pixies tunes in my head while tooting the above

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What do I do with an old Xserve?
I don't want to throw it away, are their people (or museums) that want these things?

Online 4 hour workshops are fun when everyone is working from home because cats.

"Download our desktop app for a better experience!"

"What is the difference?"

"It is the same as the browser based version expect there is no full screen option!"

The answer to "how" is "yes".
The answer to "how long" is "time; see above"

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9 projects.
5 engineers.
1 lead.
1 PM.

Time to get lean.

We haven't hit lockdown yet, however the next time it may happen I've made a conscious choice to be more empathetic. All my folks deal with it differently. I'll try to lighten their load.

Meeting with excited, engaged and happy developers warms the cockles of my heart.

6G is so fast you’ll have already answered your phone before it even rings. You have a doctor’s appointment. You’re pregnant. The baby’s already been born. They’re 24 years old and a dentist/baseball player. Those are combined professions now. It’s 3082. Your brain is in a box, and your phone is in a quantum superposition of constantly ringing and shattered into atomic dust.

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