No offense to actual yaks. Shout out to my alpaca massif

Which books should my cat read to chill out more? Zen and The Art Of Not Being So Violent Over Domestic Territory Disputes? Suggestions welcome.

Why did I waste time building and automated yak-shaving pipeline when I could have just started with a less hairy animal. Sleek otter-based development is my new mantra

If you're having DNS problems I feel bad for you son.

I got 99 servers and I can't find one.

musing about work 

I once saw someone mentioning plumbers and good fuckin grief was it clear the most time they'd ever spent talking to a plumber was directing them to their broken toilet or some shit.

You talk to a plumber for more than a minute and you'll know just how much passion people have for that trade.

And they say this same shit about farmers, doctors and nurses, sanitation workers... are they just thinking "well I would never want to do this" and projecting that onto everyone, assuming that nobody would ever want to do those things

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Tried to explain the VFX/Film industry to a new team member today: cue lots of hand waving and vague explanations!

Food Smells 

Not even sure if I'm hungry anymore but this'll be a emboldening breakfast at any rate

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Food Smells 

Some people light scented candles to relax. I like to spend 3 hours cooking randomly, slowly, using spices I find and ingredients I love. Just for the aroma. Onions are my secret love.

Full disclaimer: scented candles are also rad

At this age, I'm actually unsure if I know my claret from a bougilais

Update: Nephew is a champion PC builder. Knew which RAM slots to prefer, which M2 slot was better, how to correctly apply thermal paste and attach a massive cooler (thank you again @evankiljoy ). I did the bios update but he powered through the rest of it, looking at the manuals less than I would. YouTube is a powerful teacher

Reasons to be excited next week: parts arrive for my nephew's gaming PC. He and I are both amped. He has been schooling up on YouTube. Keen beans.

I work with some great people. Mustn't take them for granted. Great colleagues make work bearable 🐻

Cats are trying to steal the dinner I'm making. They rolled terribly for stealth. Cute but DENIED!

Being super careful around headache triggers. Upshot? Lots of port and chats with my dad. Seriously, I'm still trying to catch up with that dude's wisdom. High dive dad. 😃

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