@maetl I always kinda though trackers got their paradigm from pianola rolls? I'm trying to think backa nd see if I can remember anything else with the x = timeline model as Cubase (the OG!)

@maetl Cubase! Always looked at that with Envy. Around 90/91 was running Dr T's Tiger Cub on an Amiga - such a step up from the trackers!!

@aurynn that looks just the ticket, taking a deeper dive now... thanks!

@aurynn interesting. know quite a few peeps needing this or using various things like that... have considered local open source alternative but is a stretch and always those txn fees

@aurynn how do the fees on that compare to cut Patreon takes now?

@glasnt super easy to make if you have a food processor type thing, takes a good recipe and/or some practice to get the delicious kind : )

@PetraOleum Akl has a quite broad train user base, on my run in lots of school kids, some students, plenty get off at hospital stop (workers) and most are off before we get to the CBD. Be interesting to see how it goes once its bigger and better

@aurynn we've been visiting the Midnight Diner as well, such a scene : )

@miramarmike Connections was a pretty formative experience for me!

@aurynn totally, i also meant the extra work tweeting out about it in public as you went : ) i'd find that terrifying!

thanks! been great following along the creation of this here thingo!

thanks for tweeting it out as you went, much work in doing so imo

Hi hi, finally found the Patreon tab i opened yday and completed the process to get in here ; )

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