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I'm not "lazy", I am in touch with my inner cat. Not the same thing.

And she's calling a cab
then he's calling a cab
and they're calling a cab
and I'm calling a cab
and she touches his caaaab

It’s kind of sad watching chunks of Fedi having to relearn lessons from the 90’s like “running a community website is hard, and the ‘community’ part is harder than the ‘website’ part”

And “any entitled, demanding users in the community will tend to rapidly push the people donating their time and money to run the site to just pack up and quit”

Maybe don’t be a dick to your instance admins and mods — when it’s not worth it to run a community as a volunteer, corps end up doing it for profit, and we’ve already seen how that pans out

joke about genital surgery and religion 

me, walking into the assembly of the Lord, pulling off my helmet to reveal long, flowing locks of hair: I AM NO MAN

World’s smallest TGI Fridays, Melbourne Central Station, Victoria, Australia

My talk, "From futons to functions: the ten principles of good API design" is live on YouTube!

My lightning talk is up:

It's a plea for my community of AU/AoNZ Pythonistas to pay attention to what's happening to trans people overseas, and to stem the tide here. Accordingly it contains a lot of CWs listed at the start of the video.

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.

Here's a thought: self-hosting all technology, a common end goal of many software freedom enthusiasts, has nothing to do with freedom. Rather, it's the logical end of hyper-individualism applied to source code.

@daisy this is not my joke, but I've seen "assigned harpoon at birth" for this and I don't think there's any need to look further as it's the best joke in history.

kink, bad, shitpost 

impact play (exposing ur sub to lots of memes using the impact font)
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