This week I:

🛰️ spent ages talking to journalists about the DART Mission, only for them to either not credit me or call my boss and quote him instead.

🏆 won a competition round and placed in another to now become an Australian representative at a large International competition, but got no press about it.

📡 was scrubbed from or not mentioned in all media releases about a huge grant project I spearheaded at work that is based almost entirely on my labour.

Most weeks it doesn’t get to me, but sometimes it is pretty depressingly thankless to be a young woman in academia.

every time I teach programming I am reminded how far away from like 99% of everyone else's daily experience when we talk about digital liberation: most people I teach from scratch have never seen monospaced text, and the concept of a "syntax" as a structured series of characters is entirely novel. we fight a losing fight by losing sight of that while discussing the esoteric parts underneath, and we fight an exclusionary fight by supposing that's not important.

this says a lot about society 

a lot about society

Fuck the SA government.

My partner was able to get cannabid oil on prescription from her doctor for two years, and found it made her life livable again.

Now without warning she finds no one she's seeing is authorised to prescribe it any more, and her original specialist has retired and she has almost nothing left.

Where do we go? Seeing a new specialist takes time and in the meantime she'll be left with nothing.

Here's an idea, if governments don't like people using illegal drugs, make their alternative easy to get!

imagine living your life and then being rediscovered 400 million years later by people who just make memes out of you

you watch other game announcement events and it's all the same gritty realistic shooter, and watch Nintendo's announcements and it's all the same jrpg

• except horsies and doggos
• but absolutely INCLUDING chase from paw patrol

i don't make the rules that's just how it is

reminder that dumping on monarchs is literally what freedom of speech is for- not racism and transphobia- never racism and transphobia. shitting on monarchs was always the point, and if we can’t do that you can’t say we have freedom of speech. that’s literally the test. period.

Google: Hello, for reasons we won't explain you can no longer submit updates to your app to the Playstore until you make changes to it we won't specify. We will send you the same mail again if you appeal but have fun trying regardless.
Also Google, a few days later: We feel like we haven't wasted enough of your time yet, please answer these questions about your recent app suspension, did you think it was as funny as we did?

I spend an unreasonable amount of time unsubscribing from emails I didn't subscribe to.

ukpol, monarchy 

I admit I've been a little taken aback by the heavy-handed repression of any overt dissent to Charles Windsor in the UK, but it turns out that the UK Treason Felony Act 1848 - which punishes any public statements in favour of republicanism with up to lifetime imprisonment - is still in force.

The opposite of crime is boobies bc criminals are red-handed and boobies are blue+footed

OH: "so your whole infrastructure is a yaml file and a credit card?"

ACAB, monarchy, swears 

Haha fuck the police and fuck all monarchies and anyone who defends them.

“subsequently de-arrested” 🙃

There are two wolves inside you.

Also two pandas. And two lions. And two rockhopper penguins, and two sunda pangolins.

Also, two rather unhappy moles who wish to know where all the soil went.

You are Noah's Ark, and you are uncertain how you know this, or when you gained the capacity for thought or introspection.

There is only sea, all around; the rain has not yet stopped.

There are two wolves inside you, and you were built to keep them safe until the dawn.

#MicroFiction #creativetoots

i used to think that the big bang theory had no jokes in it. something would happen in the story and there'd inexplicably be a laugh track

and i still maintain that like 80% of the times the laugh track plays in that show there genuinely was no joke

but sometimes there are jokes. and i didn't recognize them for a while because they're meanspirited and about me

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