YMCA by The Village People except it gets progressively more intense as the narrator realises that the young man is not, in fact, listening to him


lol @ millennials writing hot take thinkpieces now saying the same exact bullshit about gen z people used to say about us

my siblings please wait at least another decade before turning all grumpy old man

i just want to point out how amazingly good json-editor is

you feed it a json-schema and it generates a web form that generates a conforming json object.

i don’t like writing json-schema by hand, so
I use jsonschema.net to generate it from example json, then tune the schema after the fact.

and since json schema has a json schema, i can even feed the generated json schema along with the json schema schema into json editor to use a web form for tuning it

Congratulations to the ACT for starting work on Stage 2A of the Canberra Light Rail project - and scorn for the feckless philistines in the National Capital Authority for insisting that no overhead wires be erected for the track running within the Parliamentary Triangle due to “visual pollution” concerns. #PutUpADamnWire

cw: heterosexuality 

*looks at a heterosexual couple* okay but which one of you is the girl and which one is the other girl

the best relationship dynamic is when you have the one that's a dork and the one that endearingly calls her a dork


So! You think yourself the toughest guy?
Inclined to have a rough go in the bed?
In so doing, tough to satisfy?
And out of bed, you always puff your chest?
Then know that I am of the baddest type,
Inclined to make your mother so upset,
Your girlfriend, I make mad and scream and cry,
To do so, I need only take to pen,
And then seduce your dear father thereby!
It may be true that I’m opposite of best;
’Tis obv’ous truth, on which you can rely.
I may only be like this for the rest
Of life, my life, so this sonnet I write.

one day my friends are going to do a third Infodump (With Slides) party and i'll finally bust out the slideshow i've had ready to go for like a year

hi, swiftkey. i know you're listening, because i'm typing this on you. we don't talk much but this is really really important.

i have you set to the dvorak layout. yes, f and g are right next to each other. yes, o and e are right next to each other. and yes, d and t aren't that far apart either

but if i type the name of a friend of mine and then swipe between those general clusters of letters, i am ALWAYS going to mean "good". NEVER "feet"

my gf sent me this. not cos i play board games but cos she knows all my friends do lmao. so this is from her to you.

I'm boring and my favorite kirby character is kirby

Silent prayer for everyone who just wanted to chat about linux distributions on a new social network and now has a fursona and five girlfriends

Hey folks, anyone (that I know at least a little bit) going to that hasn't already got accommodation yet?

NSW Premier Dom Perrottet took a trip on a Shinkansen, said he liked it and then declared that similar High Speed Rail isn’t coming to Australia any time soon.
At the same time, JR Central board member Torkel Patterson briefed Premier Perrottet on a suggested HSR route for NSW: a greenfields stand-alone network running Newcastle-Parramatta-Western Sydney Airport-Canberra, then eventually to Melbourne.


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