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Weak Unixish joke. 

Turns out that "I'm tired of watching hunks FAIL" is not only extremely weak, it is also extremely niche.

Nothing will ever beat NFS error 63.

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Shitpost, violence, old UNIX crap. 

Remembering the time I made my .plan a core file, and a stranger finger(1)d me and threatened to beat me with a hockey stick.

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Raspberry Pi, curmudgeoning 

Every time Eben and the gang release a new gewgaw I spend a week being grumpy about their seemingly deliberately broken supply chain.

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Ever grateful for the quiet, tireless effort that almost-powerless individuals expend trying to make the policies and actions of organisations less damaging.

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I'm so tired of computers. Specifically, the impossibility of fixing things once.

Good morning to everyone but especially this itty bitty gecko who tried to sneak into my kitchen this morning

Considering a framework laptop as my main computer. My thinkcentre works great but not being able to use it around the house is a bit annoying. I know there are cheaper / used options but I'd really like to support a company doing good things for right to repair.

Any framework owners like to chime in on their experience so far? In particular, what have you NOT liked about it?

Boosts welcome!

Mild swears, pooptoot. 

"Chill out, dickwad" apparently isn't "appropriate" or "romantic", even if you say it in a very passable Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.


To clarify this (based on some really useful feedback), I don't mean "... so that you have a proper appreciation for how blind/low vision users do so, and thus don't need their feedback." I think screen readers, like workable high-contrast modes and universal toggleable text enlargement, are extremely useful for sighted users and thinking of them as assistive devices _only_ for people who have a hard time seeing screens at all times is restrictive.

I use screen readers, high contrast modes, and large text periodically on most devices because they are useful to me when I am running headless-mode devices, when I want to read something while working on something else, or when I expect a screen or device to be far away, small, or in insufficient lighting, and recognizing that these tools are broadly useful is important.

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After our first holiday in a couple years was unceremoniously cancelled by the start of this wave, I find myself planning the last family summer holiday we'll have before eldest leaves home. Can't get to the same remote camping spot we've been to for maybe ten of the last 15 years due to landslip.

Rolling the dice and putting cash down on a remote bach in the Marlborough sounds, praying that lockdown doesn't get us again.

Heartbroken to think that we'll be one child down next year.

Caps, scatological, pooptoot. 

Literally holding my breath until the Unicode Consortium approve CRYING PILE OF POO WITH LOOK OF TRIUMPH.

the unicode consortium saw Angry Pile of Poo emoji and imagined a firestorm, a glorification of Organic Waste, a neverending slippery slope of PILE OF POO WITH LOOK OF TRIUMPH, PILE OF POO SCREAMING IN FEAR.
all i see is a pile of poo who needs to be understood.

The amount of good luck we recognize is inversely proportional to the actual amount received.

No one who stumbles across a $20 bill on the street says "I worked hard for this," and no one who stumbles into a fortune says "I got lucky."

The role Britain’s anti-slavery mission played in looting African art. And the campaign to get it returned.
Stealing Africa: How Britain looted the continent’s art

Me, discussing the dys- and eu- prefixes with one of the kids: "so, that's why you get opposites like dysphoria and euphoria, dyspnoea and eupnoea, dysrhythmia and, wait no, not that one -- the opposite of dysrhythmic would be...


List of words containing "meow". Meow, meowed, meowing, meows, homeowner

Of the species common in our house and garden, I'm going to point a finger at the False Katipō. Sure as heck wasn't one of the monster tunnelwebs from the garden.

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I believe I may have been bitten by a spider, today. I noticed blood on my forearm, brushed it away to reveal two small puncture wounds, 2 - 3mm apart. Minor urticaria around the wounds, resolved to leave a little erythema. I've been bitten like this once before, when I put my hand into a hole in a stud wall I was dismantling, in this house. Never drew blood that time, was very surprised to see it today.

Tired of high-paying jobs that earn respect? Try an exciting new career in teaching!

I turn on my PC.

The local wildlife are immediately sterilised by the excessive output from my four exposed nuclear reactors running at a critically risky heat output.

The sound of 10,000 cooling fans deafens the city’s morning traffic as my warehouse of 500 parallel-chained AMD Razer Threadrippers bursts into life, forming the equivalent processing power of 2015 in one room.

Nearby, my cluster of Nvidia 5090 Test Cards begins to warp the local time continuum as they calculate answers man was never meant to know.

Very gently, I open Microsoft Teams.

Instantly, the already deafening noise of fans increases to a murderous wail as they try to keep my equipment at operating temperatures. A nuclear reactors’ fusion catches up with its cooling and explodes destroying the lives of millions. The floor begins to melt away as my processors over clocked ten-fold reach critical mass and descend directly into hell. My Nvidia cluster collapses into a singularity and begins to devour the planet.

Quickly now, I open a text chat, it’s a bit laggy.

The sheer struggle of loading some text destroys the remaining systems. Me and my equipment are deleted from reality by an unknown overseer.

Humanity is not ready for instant messaging

What is with the truly baffling number of people who think that no one would do anything because they genuinely want to or would out of the kindness of their heart

Just follow these simple rules and you might not get killed walking to the store. #fuckcars

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