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Weak Unixish joke. 

Turns out that "I'm tired of watching hunks FAIL" is not only extremely weak, it is also extremely niche.

Nothing will ever beat NFS error 63.

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Ever grateful for the quiet, tireless effort that almost-powerless individuals expend trying to make the policies and actions of organisations less damaging.

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I'm so tired of computers. Specifically, the impossibility of fixing things once.

"We have decoded the latest missive from the Humans," Scrp'x said. "It appears to be a diplomatic commitment of loyalty."
Behind them, the gold plaque found on the Humans' first probe was shown.
"They undertake to never: give us up, let us down, or run around and desert us."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

RT @axboe
"Running a successful open source project is just Good Will Hunting in reverse, where you start out as a respected genius and end up being a janitor who gets into fights."

Quote attributed to @cra, and I don't think I've ever seen anything more true posted.

The FBI should raid Mar-A-Lago every year. We should make it a national holiday

My favourite fragment of te Reo at the moment is "tangata whai ora", meaning "person seeking health". Used interchangably here with the considerably less inspiring "health consumer". Ugh.

defeat levels are 71% and rising

(71%) ■■■■■■■□□□

Selling unwanted tech doodads 

If any feel like owning a Flipper Zero drop me a DM.

In original packaging, basically brand new -- all I've done is install the current firmware and play around with the IR and Sub 1GHz stuff. They're US$170 new.


Selling unwanted tech doodads 

If any feel like owning an original bangle.js Espruino-based smart watch drop me a DM.

In original packaging, face in excellent condition, strap has a couple of marks so call that "good". Fresh firmware update today.


Just sitting here waiting for my phone's battery to run flat because the brane geneouses at HMD Global did just enough tweaking to get the Android recovery tool to run on this Nokia but didn't quite get around to realising that the phone doesn't have the physical buttons required to navigate it.

This thing has a nine hour talk time and an 800 hour standby time.

Using alt text is super important. Please continue to use it. It really makes a world of difference!!! I love how mastodon is very inclusive with all type of disabilities and everyone here is so kind. I have not seen any other social media use this much alt text. I just want to give a gentle reminder and a huge thank you!!!! :)

More sanity from my home country: Māori tribal leaders & their advisers call for data sovereignty, to take back control of what is theirs. Cited is "an intergenerational approach to data, as a taonga (treasure)"

Self-hosting is included as a strategy, servers at home & on the marae (meeting house).

This initiative can be seen as a form of infrastructural de-colonisation, reclaiming what has been lost to the digital imperialism of AWS, Microsoft & other 'cloud' giants

Flipper Zero arrived.

Thoughts so far: probably the most polished crowd-funded thing I've bought. No idea if it works, but it's all pretty cute and the firmware update didn't brick it so it's already well ahead.

Re: LB

On the one hand, its kinda neat that they're reaching out this way, because we do need more hands on deck.

On the other, that one time I watched Shortland Street put me off emigrating to New Zealand for five years.

Given that my kids are literally spotting Flipper Zeros in the wild, it's nice to hear that mine is ready to leave Hong Kong. :honk_left:

my mom wants to try #OpenTTD

how do I teach her without just going through a big list of things I fucked up at or found out I was wrong about


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