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Raspberry Pi, curmudgeoning 

Every time Eben and the gang release a new gewgaw I spend a week being grumpy about their seemingly deliberately broken supply chain.

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Ever grateful for the quiet, tireless effort that almost-powerless individuals expend trying to make the policies and actions of organisations less damaging.

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I'm so tired of computers. Specifically, the impossibility of fixing things once.

when i was a kid in the '80s i received an armatron toy robot arm

got bored of making it pick up stuff so i took it apart to see how it worked (which was awesome!)

but i took no notes and it was chock fulla gears so i couldn't reassemble it

parent was super angry that i intentionally broke the new expensive toy

but even as young as i was, i knew:

the parts inside were made from brightly colored plastic, meaning they totally intended for kids to take it apart

so i did nothing wrong 😤

Surprised to find that the stuff I was selling on TradeMe sold so quickly. Even more surprised that I'd accidentally listed it with a buy now the same as the minimum bid. Oh well, contractually bound now. 🤷

Well, it certainly made for a considerably more stable connection. Almost instant. Allowed the Bangle Apps manager to update four of the apps on there. Bricked.

Into the drawer with you.

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Please vote and retoot!

fediverse census

select options corresponding to things you know anything about


have you considered simply pumpin' up the jam? while your feet are stomping? and the jam is pumping?

I will never understand people that hate raisins.

It's basically grape jerky.

crassitudinal (adj)
of or relating to the quality of being thick

I went to Mars once it's no big deal just rocks and shit.

want to feel old? the members of the teen girl squad are, at minimum, 31 years old this year

Enough real estate there to fit 12 drives, fully populating the three four-port SATA hats.

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The final vital piece has arrived. No excuse not to start the physical build of my three Pi Gluster cluster. (Except I'm on shift for the next four days.)

New stickers have arrrrriiivvveeedddd!! They’re gonna be for sale at my wee exhibition at Ninjaflower over the next month or so!

I suspected the docking station power supply might be the issue, and found corrosion on the chassis as I stripped that, but no obvious blown or bleeding caps, and a healthy 5.1v and 12.1v on the ISA slots inside the chassis. Found a manual online that details error codes and diagnostics, but it doesn't offer any insight when the thing just won't boot, other than "get it serviced". Could do with a schematic. And some info on those proprietary pinouts.

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This little thing is bristling with extras -- memory expansion, 287 math copro, Canadian modem, 20MB hard drive. Good news is that stripping it down and removing those extra got the screen to flash once, but it still isn't booting. Quick check with the voltmeter shows a weedy 4.2v across the board. That could be a problem.

one estimate suggests that around half of all data center energy usage is now tied to Bitcoin mining

futher, the energy consumption of Bitcoin is more than the combined energy use of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple

if bitcoin were a country, it is estimated to place approximately 26th as the most energy hungry nation

all this while adding nothing of value to society

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