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Set up a Discord server for my streaming nonsense, I guess I might be doing this thing more often…

Also trying to figure out if I'm well enough to do anything requiring the brain juice

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well now that I've been not working for a week, time to try to remember what I was doing

Good morning Cloud Island! Happy rainy Monday!

I hope I live long enough to annoy and confuse the archaeologists that dig me up by having weird cybernetic implants

Problem: I’m really sick
Solution: spend time in bed.

Problem: being in bed is boring
Solution: video games?

Problem: my handheld game devices make my hands hurt
Solution: ???

Streamed myself painting minis the other day and it was a surprisingly good time

may do that again soon

Still sick

Still intimately aware of my lungs

So that's fun

weird how it goes from "someone on a new instance being a dick in my mentions"


"the admin of that instance interacts with hate instances"

so quickly

When you’re sufficiently sick to be intimately aware of your lungs

It is not a fun time

Patreon is determined to burn their business down eh

Kia ora e te whānau

I'm still looking through the site. Some are also articles from popular New Zealand magazines. I recommend checking the site out yourself and adding your own stories too no matter how big or small. The following story is different again as it comes from our national broadcaster RNZ.

Rob Ruha: lifting the Māori language to lofty heights

From MeFI - This is pretty cool - a language style guide to adopting less- or un-stigmatising language terms and offering alternatives

Oh lovely iOS finally added haptic keyboard typing, have wanted this for so long.

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