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My fingers remember guitar

My fingertips do not

Nearly have what I feel is a competent or correct Docker host, maybe?

ah yes, systemd-resolved

I see we meet again

I don't know if it'd be that valuable to have my particular ridiculous stuff publicly available

maybe it would be? idk

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Rewriting Cloud Island VM setup code using:
- Vagrant
- Babashka
- Packer

because I didn't do this to my new standards last time and it's been bugging me for a while

good morning cloud island!

good morning fedi friends!

Babashka is a great idea

and a terrible idea

at the same time

Been thinking about the app dot net Developer Fund a lot lately, and how it encouraged apps to be created for the platform

It’d be great if something like that existed for Mastodon, so we could get good iOS apps.

just had general relativity described as an eventual consistency algorithm and lol

really feeling the lack of a native macOS Mastodon client. Mastonaut, while good, has a major memory leak that means it's not super usable 😞

and Mast is completely abandoned

"ready for courier" but I want it nowwwwwwww

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