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Hmm, sorry about the outage this morning, looks like the OOM Killer came and broke things

I should make some Cloud Island stickers or something

Adhd: sometimes something catches your attention

And then the meds kick in

And then it’s like “welp I guess i’m doing this now”

I wonder if I have chronic fatigue, given that this entire day was basically just being in bed sleeping

Good morning Cloud Island!

Good morning fedi friends

Love you all 💖

Step 1: open Twitter
Step 2: go “ I don’t want to look at this”
Step 3: close Twitter

Nap was so good that I think I might have another

A story in Two Parts:

1️⃣: Aurynn shitposts on Twitter dot com

2️⃣: Aurynn receives a notification: “Aurynn, 10 people have viewed your LinkedIn profile!”

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