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except I have no nostalgia for it so it's fully because it's got like 7 processors and so programming for it will be extremely hairy

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yes the idea of a 6-processor system with a bunch of discrete chips for various things is really, really interesting to me and I'm feeling very nerdsniped by it

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Considering getting a Saturn so I can try to figure out how to write software for it

because that's reasonable

Good morning Cloud Island! Good morning Fedi Friends!

Still sick, but finally not *as* ridiculously sick.

The Saturn was never a childhood machine for me so I have no nostalgia energy

Watching how the machine is two core, two GPU, and a custom SIMD chip, is just super fascinating.

And it used quads, not triangles, for 3D! Fascinating!

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Watching Coding Secrets and suddenly extremely interested in learning to write code for the Sega Saturn.


Had a burger delivered for dinner and it was a bit salty but very delicious. Mmmmm.

I have an Arduino and some esp modules and no idea what to use them for

oh I also completely ruined the tip on my soldering iron, so that happened

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Today I have:
- fucked up a soldering job like 6 separate times
- burnt myself twice
- hooked up the cables incorrectly and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working
- replaced my shitty soldering job with a less shitty soldering job
- finally got a serial console on my bricked router, and now I will be able to debrick it.

Appreciation to @car for the soldering iron many years ago that I’m finally using for something 🙂

Installed headers in my bricked router, hopefully even correctly, so that I can access the serial port.

USB-to-serial adapters arrived.

Let’s see if I can successfully debrick this router.

Got a magnetic metal watchband for my watch and it’s quite satisfying

@fincham the serial adapters arrived. So I can bust out the soldering iron and actually … maybe fix the situation?

sadly Cloud Island did not make it to a finalist for NZOSA.

Oh well.

The best award is all of you being here 🙂

Pretty sick so kinda just relaxing and not paying attention to social media

Miss you all 💖

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