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Admin note:
Cloud Island has defederated disqordia dot space for:
Admin boosting transphobic slurs
interacting with a known transphobe
posting channer memes,

and a refusal to discuss the above

One of the most important things I've ever realised about codes of conduct is that they need to be biased documents, and come from a place of biased intent. They *have* to call out a specific set of people they prioritise, because the alternative is that they prioritise existing systemic power structures and people in power.

It's not enough to have a CoC. You have to say who it defends.

currently using Babashka to write configuration management in Bash

and you know what?

this is pretty good

@aurynn What sort of truck? Do you think it's being driven by a reverse engineer? :P

Safari wanted in on that action and decided to pin at 200% cpu

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me: apt-get update
vagrant: gotcher
vmware: gotcher

Happy Monday!

I complete yet another circuit of the star this week, which is existentially horrifying

Did not manage to upgrade the server software this weekend, was busy being Extremely Tired after assembling my new desk

it’s currently in the wrong place but how do you even find the right place without taking everything off, moving the arm, putting it back on, and repeating that process for like an hour?

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New desk situation is: finding the right place for the monitor arm is Complicated

Really great look at iOS Mastodon apps, for those on Mastodon that’d like some choices:

OH: “it’s always winter on the internet”

Going through old hard drives and going “oh wow why do I still have this”

Featuring actual IDE drives

@fincham heh, found something you made from Kiwicon in my Pile Of Stuff

Good morning Cloud Island! Happy Sunday!

Hoping to upgrade the server software today but I have a lot of Marie Kondo to doooooo

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