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I meant to write a one-year post for the Patreon to celebrate our anniversary and then I got really sick

And now I’m pretty depressed

Things aren’t going so great atm

*staggers out of the sickroom blearily*

Good morning Cloud Island … ugh … how is it June already … ?

Sorry for the lack of presence lately folks, I’ve been extremely sick and moving

Nothing quite like a 5:30am fire alarm eh 🚨

Looks like I’ll be doing a Mastodon upgrade soon

It’s not proper winter until the rain rolls in

So here it is

“Mostly Trousers” would be a good name for a ska band

Good morning Cloud Island! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

It’s moving day, so everything is a mountain of stress and boxes and oh no we didn’t finish packing everything and gosh we don’t even own a dining table now what

It’s moving day and that means maccas for brekkie

At least I think this is the anniversary, I should check

Good morning Cloud Island! And…

Happy anniversary! It’s been a whole year!

Really need to sit down and turn my “this is a conference talk” about why all tools are inherently biased, into an essay or something

Using Twitter is always a good reminder that I should be here more, where I can ban people who extol blockchainery

Good morning Cloud Islanders!

Good morning Fedi Friends!

Selfie, eye contact 

Girl, cute: 100% confidence

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