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Sengi is still throwing a 504 gateway timeout which is bizarre

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well, cloud island will now support http2, so that's good

except not always, the API routes aren’t setting the cors header

… why not

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Which means that I should probably fix the CORS headers

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and Mast is abandoned

and Hyperspace Desktop doesn’t work, presumably because of Cloud Island’s CORS headers that need to be fixed

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Hmm, Mastonaut is not the biggest fan of being fullscreen

Me: *looks at Twitter*
Twitter: *is full of drama*
Me: well then

why doesn’t it work, the story of nginx configuration

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Me: *tries to use Hyperspace Desktop*
It: *Doesn’t fucking work*

Me: Okay well I have to fix the fucking referrer thing now

in unrelated things to do, I guess learning to write some lofi chill songs for guitar, and, idk, make music?

Me: I’d like to use less Twitter
Also me: *remains complicit in her own oppression*

me, saturating the local wifi with Apple updates: Gosh why is the internet so slow

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