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Good morning Cloud Island!

Good morning Fedi Friends!

Both to upgrade Mastodon itself, as well as probably upgrade Postgres et al.

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I'm going to need to take down Cloud Island for maintenance sometime really soon

@jzzocc is there a setting I missed for a badge count in Metatext? 🙂

Metatext is now open source!

From now on @metabolist will be the official account for the app (and some other upcoming projects of mine)

App Store likely coming soon! A big thanks to all beta testers, there’s still quite a bit of feedback that will make it in eventually

Good mornign Cloud Island! Good morning fedi friends!

Happy Friday Cloud Island!

Happy Friday, fedi friends!

anyway Good Morning Cloud Island!

Good morning fedi friends!

It's times like these that, as an admin, an @everyone notification system would be _really_ helpful

Hey frens

if you're in the affected area, please make sure you evacuate:

Stay safe, Cloud Islanders! Make sure you're checking the Civil Defence website!


reading about how the worst-case-scenario was a 6-month level 4 followed by a 6-month level 3 and I'm just



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